TORONTO, June 12, 2017 /CNW/ – In a first for the QSR industry, McCafé has launched 100% compostable* McCafé® Keurig®** compatible pods, building on the brand’s strong coffee credentials and commitment to sustainability.

McCafé has proactively updated its Keurig® compatible pods to use 100% compostable* technology. The McCafé 100% compostable* Keurig® compatible pods are certified by the Biodegradable Products Institute and are made out of plant-based materials, coffee bean skin and other compostable materials. This move will help reduce waste while continuing to provide guests with the rich, smooth and delicious taste McCafé Premium Roast coffee is known and loved for. Guests are encouraged to check with their municipality for available programs.

The McCafé 100% compostable* Keurig® compatible pods help build on the brand’s commitment. That’s to putting guests at the heart of everything it does. These are core priorities that have helped the brand. That’s continue its growth in the competitive retail coffee market since it launched in 2014. Thereby establishing itself as a leading player in the Canadian quick-service coffee landscape.

The McCafé 100% compostable* Keurig® compatible pods will feature prominently. That’s in a new campaign launching in June.


Municipal composting programs vary by region. Check with your local municipality. All for available programs.

In addition, the pods use game-changing technology. One which allows the pod to break down in as few as 5-weeks. For that’s an innovation which won the 2016 Innovation in Bioplastics Award.

The McCafé® Premium Roast Keurig® compatible pods are currently available in grocery stores in 12-count packs and 30-count packs to provide everyday McCafé coffee lovers with a more convenient pack size.

Canada First Please!

McCafé is partnering with Kraft Heinz Canada ULC to produce the pods in Canada market. Moreover and sell them in grocery stores and participating McDonald’s restaurants. That’s from coast-to-coast.

In addition, Canadian coffee lovers currently enjoy a number of McCafé products. All on grocery store shelves. For that’s including TASSIMO T-DISCs. Also Roast & Ground coffee in bags and large tins. Finally 100% Rain Forest Alliance Certified whole bean espresso.

SOURCE McDonald’s Canada,

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