How Green Is It?

As before, the Prius driver has four driving modes which are:
ECO and
EV for Electric Vehicle

However, this Prius four in ECO mode got closer to 60 MPG in the city (58 MPG).

I think in part the LED headlights and the better drag coefficient helped increase the mpg.

Toyota Prius Four hybrid electric car by Toyota Motor Corporation
Toyota Prius Four

As Edmunds wrote:

The new, fourth-generation Prius carries on its predecessors’ virtues, yet it’s more fuel efficient, comfortable and practical than before. The Prius also drives better than its predecessors, with a composed ride and smooth, linear brakes. Overall, the Prius reminds us why it’s still the king of efficient practicality.

Yet I have to agree with Motor Trend on the 2015 version interior.

Refinement is another 2015 Prius weak point, thanks to its noisy cabin, especially under hard acceleration. Though there’s an extensive use of hard plastics inside, controls and gauges are easy to use and read, allowing the driver to operate them with ease and in a safe manner. Interior space is generous, with a large trunk and split folding rear seats for expanding the cargo area to accommodate large items. 

Yet for $16,000 this car is a great price for everything nowadays. 

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