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Looks Like a Cadillac ELR

While a mile on a volt is a serious charge. For this version of the 2016 Chevrolet Volt plugin hybrid electric car is a take on looks and technology from the old Cadillac ELR. All the while the ELR also had an amazing grill and leather dashboard. I mean beside that; everything else was pretty much the same.

One of the cool things they did too was move the cup holders and charger in front of the back two seats. In the older Volt they had everything between both seats which didn’t enable a third seat option or an arm rest.
mile volt charge

1,000 miles or more between fill ups on a Volt because of charge ups

Chevrolet estimates that a mile for Volt owners goes way longer. For those who charge regularly can expect to drive an estimated 1,000 miles or more between fill-ups. That’s based on economy of a GM-estimated 102 MPGe (electric) and 41 combined mpg on gasoline power.
Chevy volt charge up

Really though, one of the best parts of the 2016 model is going from around 26 mile all electric range to over 53 miles (rated by EPA).

That is around 90 percent of most trips in any given day!!

The new Volt has a rate of 53 miles of electric but in normal mode I got 60 Miles all Electric every time.  Tests showed closer to 60 miles in ECO driving Mode; many drivers will go months at a time.

New look for the Volt – Much Better!

One of the noticeably new features of the Volt was its looks. New lines and also contours makes this a real car. What I mean is it looks like a normal non eco car. That makes it noticeable to the guy on the utility line. I mean also to a woman in a parking lot.

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Chevrolet Volt not charging up

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In addition, ChargePoint is the largest and most connected network of EV charging stations around. With more than 33,000 EVSE places to charge from all major networks. For I mean the most real-time data and personalized features. Check their newest EV charging mobile app. For it makes easy to plug in wherever you go.

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