Test Drive Results 2013 of C-MAX Energi Plugin Hybrid Electric Car

Folks, this is a fun and exciting car to drive. My wife loved the car, the kids loved the car and so did I.

Therefore, this car gets two thumbs up in the Green Living Guy household.  The main problem with the car was giving it back!! Seriously!

Ford announced back in 2012 that the new C-MAX Energi Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV) would be able to go up to 550 miles on a single tank of gas. This news was met with skepticism until the test drive. The vehicle did exceed the range of both the Volt and the Prius plugin hybrid PHEV.

C-Max EnergiIn addition, Ford guaranteed that in electric-only mode, the C-MAX Energi gets twice the range of the Prius plug-in. So while skeptical about the car’s purported fuel efficiency, after testing the C-MAX there is no question they are telling the truth.

Other Impressions
Here is what else impressed me about the car. The engine was also not using all it’s gusto to go up hills. That is not the case with other popular hybrids. Basically, the C-MAX Energi plugin packs a punch! In addition, the vehicle had an SUV feel to it even though it is a small car.

C-Max Energi Plugin hybrid Electric Car