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Introduction to Climate Change South

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges facing our planet today. It is a global issue that affects us all. However some regions will bear the brunt of its impact more than others. According to a report by the National Climate Assessment. For the American Climate Change South will be hit hardest by climate change. The South is already experiencing more frequent and intense heatwaves, hurricanes, and flooding events. The cost of these climate-related disasters is staggering, both in terms of human lives and economic impact. As a copywriter and content writer specializing in environmental issues, I am deeply concerned about the impact of climate change in the South and on our planet. Moreover and the people who call it home. In this article, we will take a closer look at the challenges facing the American climate change South. Moreover and what we can do to mitigate the effects of climate change.

Climate change in the South will moreover aggravate economic inequality in the United States. For that’s essentially transferring wealth from poor counties in the Southeast and also the Midwest. That’s to well-off communities in the Northeast and on the coasts. All according to the most detailed economic assessment. That’s most surprisingly a first time phenomenon ever conducted.

south climate change
A Texas State Park police officer walks on the cracked and drought-wracked lakebed of O.C. Fisher Lake, in San Angelos, Texas. Tony Gutierrez / AP


The study, published Thursday in Science. For it simulates the costs of global warming. Moreover and I mean in excruciating detail. So modeling every day of weather in every U.S. county during the 21st century. For it finds enormous disparities. Especially in how rising temperatures will also affect the following American communities:

  1. Texas
  2. Florida
  3. and also the Deep now to be Climate Change South.

Therefore it’s climate Change south in America. For it will bleed income in the broiling heat. All the while some chillier northern states will also gain moderate benefits.

I mean look folks, we are going to get more 30-45 stretches in the Climate Change South where it’s over 100 degrees in the summer.  So for sure the Climate Change South is going to get hammered.  This was also echoed by Solomon Hsiang. Solomon is one of the authors of the paper. In addition he is a professor of public policy at the University of California, Berkeley. “The South is really, really negatively affected. All by climate change and much more so than the Northport. That wasn’t something we were expecting going in.”

For the entire story from The Atlantic and by ROBINSON MEYERJUN 29, 2017

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