Many businesses are attempting to implement environmentally friendly procedures. Some offices have done away with paper products as much as humanly possible. Others have swapped out old equipment for energy efficient counterparts. Some offices have even installed solar panels to reduce or eliminate their dependence on other energy sources. While these are all steps in the right direction, they don’t solve the entirety of the problem.

Supply Chain

Businesses rely a lot on suppliers, external services, and shipping companies. Many businesses need resources for storing equipment and records, and when they do, they turn to traditional self storage companies. The traditional storage industry generates a lot of waste, and by circumventing it, you’ll have a greater control over your environmental impact!

What’s Wrong With Regular Self Storage?

Regular self storage companies, particularly those that pack and store your items on your behalf. For they create a lot of garbage. Packing materials and cardboard boxes typically aren’t reused. They’re designed to be used once and disposed of. These storage units use up a lot of electricity for lighting and climate control.

There are so many alternatives now that using a regular storage company isn’t necessary. You have more options, including the ability to store things in an environmentally friendly way, when you opt for different methods.

Taking Control of the Process 

When storing items on your own, you have the final say in the materials that are used. You can select reusable storage totes that can find a new purpose when they’re finally done storing whatever it is you need to pack away. There’s no reason to use cardboard – it’s ruined when it gets damp, and it winds up in a landfill. So you can even purchase plastic storage tubs that are already made of recycled material. Now no new resources are required to construct them.

Delicate items, such as electronics you need to store, can be packed with eco friendly packaging materials. Packing peanuts made from plant fibers completely decompose after they’ve been exposed to the elements, leaving no trace behind other than harmless organic material. Most paper towels are also biodegradable, so delicate items with smaller components can be wrapped in these rather than packaging paper.

Rather than tape, reusable plastic ties can be used to keep things together. When you’re done using them on one box, move them to another. In addition, you won’t need to go through rolls upon rolls of tape to get in and out of a few boxes.

You can use these same methods to ship orders out to clients. You might even already have these materials on hand, so it wouldn’t be a stretch to use them.

Using Sharing Economy Services

People often rent their extra space out to others who need it for storage. Sites like Spacer match people who need space with people who have space. You aren’t draining any more resources by storing your items at someone else’s home or business – they were already using it, so any electricity involved in the process was being used by the household or place of employment.

It’s possible to find someone willing to store your business items who is already committed to being environmentally friendly in their own space. People who recycle or use renewable energy are part of the same efforts that you are. The sharing economy allows you to help each other out while maintaining important values, such as a concern for the environment.

Whether you’re storing equipment or inventory, there’s almost always a better way to do it. As more and more businesses are committing themselves to the green initiative, going completely environmentally friendly will become less challenging.

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