Backup Charging Is Essential As More Electric Vehicles Are Adopted

Besides this tweet from Elon Musk there wasn’t much good stuff coming out of Puerto Rico for months. MONTHS!! Especially regarding turning on power.

Hospital del Niño is first of many solar+storage projects going live. Grateful to support the recovery of Puerto Rico with @ricardorossello

However, a recent analysis from Bloomberg New Energy Finance suggests that EVs could account for half of all new cars sold by 2040. This begs the following question: as electric cars become more popular, how would a driver charge an EV when electricity is unavailable?

The aftermath of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico demonstrates the potential need for energy storage. For I mean the devastating consequences of not having electricity for an extended period of time. Thus, backup charging infrastructure is necessary so that EVs are able to operate when power is unaccessible.

Check out this story to think more about this.

Also as I have written before:

Commercial and Backup Generators

Another common method of generating power is from commercial and backup generators. Shareholders and business owners also cannot take the risk. Especially of a power outage that disrupts the flow of work. So they choose to have generators installed for backup electricity. Some areas in the UK may be too far from the main power source, having one or two large commercial generators can supply any establishment with all the energy it needs. Advice from the electric generators UK specialists suggests that electric generators are capable of running and providing 24 hours’ worth of energy to combat the unpredictable British weather. Investing in portable generators can make the process easier for certain commercial applications, allowing every business to continue its daily routine without any interruptions. Consider choosing one that runs on diesel because it will be more fuel-efficient compared to other alternatives.  

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