VANCOUVER, April 12, 2018 /CNW/ -Firstly, Canada is moving toward a low-carbon future, federal investments in electric, hybrid and alternative fuel vehicles continue to increase.  First off! So it seems, the Government of Canada is encouraging widespread adoption of electric vehicles.  They are supporting pioneering projects that give more options to drive clean. Yet, rather than vehicles, look out Electric buses!!

In addition a quote came from Joe Peschisolido is Member of Parliament for Steveston—Richmond East. As well, he stated that on behalf of the Honourable Jim Carr, Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources, announced a $1.2-million investment. This investment is for the South Coast British Columbia Transportation Authority. The Authority has a program / pilot called (TransLink). This project will lead to the installation and operation of overhead charging stations for electric buses in Vancouver. TransLink will receive $1.2 million for fast charging systems. Those are So so needed to support electric buses.

Nova Electric buses. The Government of Canada is encouraging widespread adoption of electric vehicles by supporting innovative projects that provide more options to drive clean.
Today, Joe Peschisolido

Canada’s two leading bus manufacturers — New Flyer Industries (Manitoba) and Nova Bus (Quebec) — will be developing the electric transit buses while ABB and Siemens are developing the chargers. The project will integrate more than one bus manufacturer and more than one charging system provider to check the interoperability and performance of electric buses and overhead chargers in a Canadian transit setting.

The Government of Canada has invested a total of $182.5 million to support deploying electric chargers; natural gas and hydrogen refuelling stations; demonstrating new, innovative charging technologies; and developing codes and standards.

New Flyer Industries (Manitoba) and Nova Bus (Quebec)

In addition, through Canada’s national energy dialogue, Generation Energy, Canadians made it clear that the transition to energy independence. Through the joint efforts of federal, provincial and territorial governments is a necessity for advancing toward an energy-friendly future.

Finally he adds the following quote. “Our government continues to support green infrastructure projects that will create jobs, advance Canada’s clean future and help us realize our domestic and international climate change goals. This project demonstrates that collaboration and ingenuity of Canadian electric vehicle companies will result in cleaner options for Canadians on the road.”

In conclusion, Joe Peschisolido
Member of Parliament for Steveston—Richmond East

Most gratefully, mass transit has always scored high as a sustainable way to move large numbers of people.  Yet, many transit vehicles still use carbon-based fuels. Today, almost half our bus fleet runs on cleaner technology including our electric trolley, hybrid diesel and natural gas buses. With this fast-charge, battery-electric trial, TransLink is getting the on-the-ground experience we need.”

Kevin Desmond
CEO of TransLink

SOURCE: Natural Resources Canada


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