8 eco-friendly products that help you achieve your zero waste goal

When you ask people about the real benefits of going ‘zero waste,’ you hear most people praising its health and money saving benefits. Very few people talk about how going zero waste is a significant contribution to the community as you are actively participating towards making the world a better place.


Indeed, there are many benefits of going green, and you will be happier to learn about the top eight eco-friendly products you can use to achieve this goal. However, before we jump to that, it is important to look closer at some easy steps that you can incorporate into your life and go zero-waste successfully.

Ways to achieve the zero-waste goal

Buy less

On average, each person living in America is blamed for causing 4.4lbs of trash every day. But that’s not the only bad news. The real bad news is that for every pound we throw away, more than 7lbs ends up in the waste upstream. That’s around 30lbs of garbage per day.

To control this massive amount of trash, we need to buy less. When you go shopping, make sure you only buy items you really need. Here are some top questions you can ask yourself to buy more efficiently next time:

Do I need these items?

Are they necessary?

Can I use something I already have as an alternative?

Zero-waste is more significant of a concept than merely talking about landfill and trash jar. A big favor we can do for our planet is only to buy what we need.

Look for contentment

Endless advertisements surround us. According to the message in those advertisements, the only way we can live a happy life is if we invest in their product. However, the best way to find contentment is to be satisfied in what you already own.

You don’t need things to shape up your personality. Spend wisely and spend well.

Maintain a balance

It is all about making smarter choices. To be able to achieve personal stability is crucial. We live in a world where throwing away trash is a norm and where going zero-waste is not always encouraged or taken seriously.

While avoiding everything entirely may not be easy, but making better choices surely is. So next time, think about striking a balance!

8 eco-friendly products that make your zero-waste dream come true

Here are top eco-friendly products that you can use to achieve the zero-waste goal instantly.

1. Eco-friendly clothing

The most common fabric used for clothing is cotton, but surprisingly, a significant percentage of them are also made from flexible plasticized fabric and plastic sheeting. The idea is to avoid such clothing to reduce waste in our landfills.

Today, you can even find clothes made entirely using recycled material. These are designed using high-tech, innovative, and environmentally-sustainable building methods. Such garments do not involve procedures like usage of dyes, chemicals, energy, and water.

2. Bottles and accessories

It’s impossible to separate Americans from their coffees, but there are surely ways to avoid wastage by investing in reusable coffee cups. These are designed using 100% food-safe silicone. Other eco-friendly products in the same category include drinking bottles and related accessories.

Americans are responsible for throwing 35% plastic bottles on a yearly basis. The plastic used in these bottles is not recyclable and is usually dumped in oceans and landfills; thus, harming our environment. The best alternatives are reusable stainless steel drinking bottlesthat are 100% free of BPA.

3. Biodegradable Waste Bags

You need waste bags for a lot of purposes. However, if you own a pet, your usage may be far more than an average American household. Ditch the plastic waste bags right away and look for biodegradable options instead.

It is also applicable to reusable sandwich wraps, reusable rugs, organic towels, etc.

4. Solar power products

Energy is the first thing that comes to our minds when we go zero waste. After all, saving energy and reducing our consumption is highly essential to reduce our reliability on fossil fuels and to save money.

You can opt for solar installation or look for solar sales software as a solution. But if you are turning to solar-powered products, there are some options in this category. You can switch to a solar powered grill that uses the natural sun rays to heat up the grilling surface.

Other popular items include lawn mower, charging stations, attic fan, etc.

5. Cutlery and other home items

Now you can find compostable cutlery and other home items that you can use like disposable cutlery but without having to throw them away after use.

Disposable cutlery made of plastic is a significant source of waste. It can be reduced or eliminated entirely by using compostable knives, spoons, forks, and tasters.

6. Environmentally safe cell phone

It is time to upgrade to a revolutionized new supply chain of a smartphone. The cell includes integrating materials for supporting local economies to boost smartphone’s life. These phones are not only safe to use but also great for recycling.

Fairphone introduced the first ever environmentally safe cell phone.

7. Reusable food bags

The reusable bags help people transport their grocery and bulk food purchases from one destination to other without any hassle. The lightweight bags are gaining popularity and replacing canisters and jars for shopping purpose.

You can find these bags in different sizes to carry and store bulk food. This method also saves your food from BPA to a great extent.

8. Recycled tissues

People use tissue papers so recklessly without realizing how much of a waste it accumulates. Using recycled tissues made of sugarcane, bamboo, and fibers can save you from becoming a contributor towards a polluted Earth.


Today, we have more options related to eco-friendly living than ever before. However, it is still about making the right choices to achieve your zero waste goal. The products mentioned above are only a fraction of what other environmentally-friendly options you can use.

Living plastic-free has tons of benefits. So go zero waste and gain them all!

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