Seems the Model 3 can get 600 Miles hypermiling

This tweet BTW is about the Tesla Model 3 and how someone got Over 600 miles range hypermiling. Crazy crazy crazy.

As Sean M Mitchell reported and Tesla re-tweeted

Final #Model3 hypermile numbers from @teslainventory and I: 606.2 miles (975 km), 66 kWh, and 110 wh/mi, and 32 hours of driving. At its peak it was 108F in the cabin with no a/c running. Thank you @Tesla and @elonmusk for making such an incredible piece of machinery!

As TheDrive reported:

Sean Mitchell, the president of the Denver Tesla Club, hit the road with fellow Tesla owner Erik Strait, a popular YouTuber. Together, they shared the desire to set the record for longest range in a Model 3 to date. After using up about 88 percent of the car’s battery, the distance traveled had already surpassed 500 miles on the single charge. It was projected that if the car maintained the current efficiency of 111 watt-hours per mile, the final mileage of the trip would be around 676 miles.


However he did keep it real in a later tweet (Sean M Mitchell)

“Not terribly relevant in terms of real world use but we all know what the car can do with real world driving – 310 miles. 🙂