It took a little time to come up with someone to top Taryn Hipwell’s traction as the last Green thought leader. As I contemplated who it was getting too complex. Too many questions. What is right? What is wrong? What makes sense as the next person’s qualifications.

Then it totally dawned upon me. Simplicity. People want green to be accessible and easy. Not confusion or too many messages or that “fake news” thing. So always connecting what goes into and onto your body is simple, easy ways that a lot of people are trending toward on a daily basis. Plus I needed someone who was a real change agent. Like real!

Green Living News and thought leaders need simple thoughts to make the change so easy.

That’s why I picked Lori Alper from Groovy Green Living!

I mean Lori Alper is a green living person like me. She is a mom, borderline vegan and “recovering attorney”. She’s the author of the Groovy Green Livin’ blog and mother to three boys. Kred!

Lori has been a powerful voice in the movement to protect women’s health from toxic chemicals, including the driving force behind the petition asking Tide to remove 1,4-dioxane. Read her original blog post here.

Change Agent


As Lori wrote on Women’s Voices for the Earth: My appearance on ABC World News talking about BPA

A seemingly normal day turned into a crazy day. I was quoted in a wonderful article by Jack Kaskey in Bloomberg News about bisphenol A (BPA) and how mothers are impacting change even when regulators fail to act. I was then asked to appear on ABC World News with Diane Sawyer to talk about BPA. A camera crew showed up at my door smack in the middle of a radio interview with Mrs. Greens World. The ABC News clip was incredibly fun and hopefully sent a strong message.

So the Tide Free and Gentle Petition!

This is big. She got over 78,000 signatures to stop Tide aka Procter and Gamble to As Lori reported:

cancer-causing chemical 1,4-dioxane in the detergent. 1,4-dioxane doesn’t appear on the product label or on the product website, so consumers have no way of knowing it’s even there.

Lori put together a petition asking Procter & Gamble (makers of Tide) to strip this harmful cancer-causing chemical out of Tide Free & Gentle! Thanks to many of you the petition has over 78,000 signatures.

Disney Petition and CBS Boston

As many of you know,  television cameras came to my house yet again! This time they were from CBS Boston. I was very happy to see how the piece turned out. This time I was talking about another petition I started asking Disney to remove the toxic chemicals that were found in children’s vinyl back-to-school supplies including Disney lunch boxes. Thanks to many of you this petition has almost 60,000 signatures!

Now Lori is stopping Lowe’s!

As she begins:

I’m here because I’m concerned about toxic chemicals in products Lowe’s sells. As a consumer, I would like you to ban the sale of paint strippers containing deadly and dangerous chemicals.

Lowe’s was warned last February that products containing methylene chloride and N-Methylpyrrolidone (NMP) are too dangerous to be on their shelves. The company responded by pledging to sell a handful of alternative products but has refused to stop selling these dangerous the rest yo!

Posts that make Sense

Besides Writing for her site, she writes for Mom’s Clean Air Force! Love them!

Post one that caught my eye!


It’s hard to imagine that we can change the world through the food that we’re eating. What if I told you it’s really that simple? By making small changes during one meal a day we can impact our own well-being and the health of the planet. It’s so easy and so true. I always try to add a 100 percent green smoothie. I mean it’s got lemon, mango in it but kale, spinach and cucumber. It’s a bright green and is so darn good. One step at a time.


Plus the answers are simple, sleep, eat veggies, keep moving. I mean can we get any simpler?!


Then when you get to about Lori (which I’ve known for a while now)

If you’re looking for safer products for you and your family you’ve come to the right place. I’ve been on a “green” journey for many years, trying to live a healthy, toxin-free life. I know firsthand that it’s challenging at times. I’m doing my best to walk the walk, but many times I fall short. That’s part of the journey.

This site is dedicated to providing an honest and credible setting for sharing useful tips, trends, and information relating to living a greener lifestyle. On any given day you will find practical information on products and ideas that support a greener, healthier lifestyle for you and your family.

A healthy, organic lifestyle not only applies to what we put into our bodies but also to what we put on our bodies.  It’s my hope that together we will find that embracing a green lifestyle doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Simple, small changes in your life can lead to a non-toxic, healthier lifestyle and a greener planet.

To top it off. Every time I go to twitter she’s there with a simple easy post like:

5 Stylish Reusable Water Bottles You’ll Want to Own

Top 10 Houseplants that Clean the Air


Looking for a safe, non-toxic shampoo? Here you go!






Why Agave is Worse than Corn Syrup (I mean I had no idea?!!!)

I mean ever Her recent story (timely Said what?!)

Summer is finally here and for many it’s also time to head to the beach. This year I wasn’t only on a mission to find the safest sunscreen, but I was also determined to discover a few safe-for-the-beach products for everyone. How timely are these tips?! Huh?!

Her advocacy for cleaner products, cleaner air and frankly acting as an Attorney General for us on our products we use for everyday living. How appropriate since Lori started out as a Lawyer!

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  1. Thank you so much, Seth, for this incredible honor! The green community is strong and thriving and I’m thrilled to be a part of it. I truly believe that together we can make change a reality. Thanks again!