America is facing a drinking water crisis spanning well beyond the cities making headlines. Even with water filters. It’s not just Flint, Milwaukee, and Pittsburgh etc. Water supplies are contaminated by toxic substances, putting citizens’ health at risk. According to a recent study, one-in-four Americans’ tap water is unsafe to drink or has not been properly monitored for contaminants with federal law. The facts are shocking.  Most water filters that consumers are purchasing do not do as expected.  In addition, Brita, for example, leaves about half of the dissolved solids in the drinking water as compared to ZeroWater filter’s performance.

Did you know that not all water filters are created equally?

Here are a few tips for all water drinkers:

1 The most important thing consumers need to know is that not all water filters are created equal. When looking at multiple brand filter pitchers in the store, don’t assume they all remove the same contaminants and choose anyone—do your homework and choose the best filter available.

2 Know the difference in the water filters.  Most pour-through filter pitchers have a two-stage filter that use a layer of activated carbon to remove contaminants from your water. ZeroWater, however, uses a five-stage ion exchange filter that makes sure almost all the dissolved solids removing from your tap water.

3 Always look for a water filter with certifications specific to what you are needing. Also, not all filters are NSF or WQA certified to cut lead. However, ZeroWater certified to cut both Lead and Chromium 6. You remember! The carcinogen that became infamous in the movie Erin Brockovich, which was recently found to be at levels higher than what recommended in the tap water supplying two-thirds of Americans.

Did you know that not all water filters are created equally?

In conclusion, from pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers to children, athletes, and the elderly. We all rely on water to sustain our daily lives. Unfortunately, we can’t assume that our home water filtration system is doing its job.  Rather, we must take action by buying the best water filter possible to remove any contaminants. Finally, it’s time to face reality. So say it! Not all filters created equal. More importantly, every consumer should know this.

Source: ZeroWater

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