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Following the Success of #PurpleforthePlanet, SAMBAZON and the Rainforest Trust Protect the South American Airo Pai Community Reserve From Logging and Deforestation Threats

San Clemente, CA – June 4, 2018 – SAMBAZON is the brand leader in açaí and the only certified organic & fair trade açaí company on the market. In addition , along with Rainforest Trust announces the Airo Pai Community Reserve in Peru as receiving donations garnered from SAMBAZON’s Purple for the Planet campaign.

Since Founded in 2000, it’s the original company to pioneer acai to North America. Sambazon stands for “Sustainable Management of the Brazilian Amazon.” It’s also seen as a “Green” business leader. They are guiding principles of the Triple Bottom Line. This incorporates environmental, social and economic success. Sambazon pioneered a sustainable agroforestry business model in the Amazon Rainforest. Further, they created worldwide awareness of the acai berry. Sambazon’s model helps to combat environmental destruction. It also works to protect biodiversity of the Amazon Rainforest. Hence it creates new and ongoing employment for thousands of small family farmers.

Last November, Sambazon won the 2006 Secretary of State Award for Corporate Excellence. It won for its work with indigenous communities in Brazil. The story of Sambazon and its work is something. It’s work with acai is a true example of business doing good.

SAMBAZON’s donation will directly fund expanding the Airo Pai Community Reserve. A Reserve which is the missing link in creating a joint 7.8 million acre tri-national corridor between Ecuador, Colombia and Peru. As well, this Reserve safeguards a massive group of critical Amazon Rainforest.

The project assists indigenous communities in the area. Assisting in securing title to their lands. That’s so essential cause they are at extreme risk from logging. Also, let’s not forget for other resource extraction.  With proof of ownership, the communities then develop protection. Thereby and more important, management plans can make sure the land , protected in perpetuity. So essential for each community.

By activating Rainforest Trust’s SAVES Challenge, Sambazon’s #PurpleForThePlanet initiative committed to purchasing 5 acres of rainforest for each person who dyed their hair purple or showed their purple pride and shared an image on social media. The campaign exceeded its goal saving 126,270 acres and 216 species of rich biodiversity.

“We’re honored to support Airo Pai Community Reserve and the indigenous cultures within it through the funds raised from #PurpleForThePlanet,” said Ryan Black, CEO + co-founder of SAMBAZON. “Protecting the environment and the indigenous population has been a priority for SAMBAZON since day one. We’re proud to expand our footprint beyond the Brazilian Amazon preserving this vital wildlife corridor between Peru, Ecuador & Colombia.”

Supporting indigenous communities is a staple in the fabric of the SAMBAZON culture. The brand has protected local communities in Brazil since the company was SAMBAZON founded in 2000. It employs more than 30,000 family farmers with fair trade wages and reinvests 5% of profits back into the area. Said money builds hospitals, schools, recreational centers and much more. SAMBAZON launched #PurpleForThePlanet on Earth Day April 22, 2018 launched with a goal of saving 30 species in 30 days. It’s also to further the company’s commitment to protecting the environment and its rich biodiversity. So, in addition to the acres saved through #PurpleForThePlanet, the brand already protects 2.5 million acres and counting through their sustainable harvesting practices.

For more information on SAMBAZON and #PurpleForThePlanet please visit this link.

Source: Sambazon

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