Edmonton Transit Service Orders 25 Proterra Catalyst® E2 max Electric Buses

Proterra, with exceptional battery performance in harsh weather environments, expands its Canadian Market Footprint into Alberta


BURLINGAME, Calif., Aug. 23, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — So it seems that Proterra is a leading innovator in heavy-duty electric transportation. They announced that Edmonton Transit Service (ETS) has ordered 25 new 40-foot Proterra Catalyst® E2 max vehicles. These will replace 25 of the agency’s existing diesel buses. The purchase order commitment marks an agency milestone and supports Edmonton’s long-term vision. That is a vision of green public transportation and emissions reduction.

ETS is reportedly very excited to work with Proterra. They will be at the forefront of integrating electric buses and emerging technology into their existing fleet. That quote came from Eddie Robar, the Branch Manager of ETS. It is because Proterra’s clean-running and quiet electric buses are winter compatible. They have a range of up to 400 kilometres and give to their shift toward more sustainable transportation. Edmonton is a low-carbon city and high-quality transit service for Edmontonians.

In addition to community, health, and environmental benefits, the new electric buses are expected to deliver a cost savings. That’s roughly 30% for service and maintenance.

These electric buses have proven their performance in harsh winter climates. In addition, Worcester Regional Transit Authority in Massachusetts and Park City Transit in Utah. Best part is performance remains reliable in extreme weather. That’s due to active thermal management of vehicle batteries and proprietary state of charge algorithms that enable long life. Plus they can do rapid charging and operation in almost any climate.

Finally, Proterra will initially supply the City of Edmonton with two electric buses for infrastructure and charging verification. In conclusion they have plans to supply a total of 25 electric buses to be put into regular service in summer 2020. With Proterra battery-electric buses, Edmonton riders will enjoy the joint benefits of zero-emission mass transit technology. As we know that equals improved community air quality, and a modern, accessible electric vehicle experience.

In conclusion, Proterra is more than honored to be selected as the battery-electric bus provider for Edmonton.  Finally, they want to play a pivotal role in helping the city move forward on its zero-emission goals.  That quoted by Ryan Popple, CEO of Proterra.

“We look forward to working with Edmonton Transit Service on deploying our buses and creating a more sustainable transit system.”

Source: Proterra
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