From the President of the Electric Auto Association regarding Mammoth Lakes, California.

Firstly, I write to you to use the power of our collective strength in support of increased charging infrastructure all over the county. Hence, I ask support of a small mountain community but one that is visited by millions. Maybe you know it: Mammoth Lakes, California. It matters not if you have visited Mammoth Lakes.  However, I highly recommend this pristine mountain wilderness and ski resort). Most importantly, it does have 8 Tesla chargers, but NO non-Tesla chargers.

In conclusion, please read the petition and if you feel you can support it, Please Sign!

The local government of asked for a petition.

Hence, they said we need to know that people really want and need charging here. We are working on our first 100 signatures. However and most importantly, we need more!

(feel free to ignore any requests for money from, they do not flow through to us. It just takes seconds to give a signature.)

I, along with the Board of Directors of the Electric Auto Association.  We all encourage your taking active steps to increase charging infrastructure where you see it is needed.

Thank you for all you do for Electric Vehicles!



Electric Auto Association

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