First,, my friends at elective always had that inside EV flow! Meaning they know where to get the real EV stories. So they are reporting ambitious plans by the Sino-German EV startup. Therefore, a company called Aiways is more tangible. Therefore the first volume production model will be the electric SUV Aiways U5 Ion. Furthermore, it is hitting the Chinese market in September 2019. Then Germany starting in 2020.
As well, the startup is held up by the German engineer Roland Gumpert. He is the product manager for the 2017 Chinese firm and CEO of the German counterpart.

electric vehicle

Regarding the technical data behind the Aiways U5 Ion the following is already known. For example, the vehicle has an electric motor mounted above the front axle. In addition, it packs performance capacity of 140 kW and 315 Nm torque. Although this does not put particularly impressive track performance in mind. However, accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h can be done in “under ten seconds”.

This is according to the manufacturers. Where the vehicle does impress is the price? €25,000 is under the price for any comparable market competitor.

In conclusion, let’s see what happens! Story being told!

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