Budweiser Launching Renewable Energy For Your Home Program with Drift. Kickoff SuperBowl!

Drift is a company committed to selling wind power. It has announced a partnership with Budweiser. All coinciding with the Super Bowl.

We are all going to make it easier than ever for people to choose green electricity sources for their homes.

Beginning today, through Super Bowl Sunday cause of their partnership with Budweiser, Drift will offer one month’s free trial. A free trial of the green plan for consumers who sign up. It’s their way of saying thank you for making the switch. Thereby helping us build a 100% renewable future.

Get more details here: joindrift.com/budweiser.

Drift’s technology adds transparency to enable a perfect match between energy demand and renewable energy. We’re building the tools required to get to a world that runs on 100% renewables. All day. Every day.

Power the future

Companies and individuals want to know where their power comes from. That is why Drift customers are buying from our growing network of independent clean power makers.

Join the movement. List your power and get premium price for premium power.

This is Drift’s second partnership with Budweiser. In September, the two teamed up to help business and consumers switch to low cost, 100% renewable electricity. The partnership, announced during Climate Week in New York City, underscored the beer maker’s commitment to producing Budweiser around the world with 100% renewable energy by 2025.

Thank you Budweiser!