Leading names in ABB FIA Formula E Championship to contest for trophies created by graduates from Central Saint Martins


Leading names in ABB FIA Formula E Championship to contest for trophies created by graduates from Central Saint Martins

LONDON, UK (August 13, 2018) Firstly, Formula E has teamed-up with Central Saint Martins. That’s cause they are a world-famous arts and design college. Most interestingly, there is a challenge now for FIA Formula E. Therefore, this is for some of the most creative and creative young minds. Cause there is a challenge to develop a new set of trophies for the ABB FIA Formula E Championship.

Furthermore, the electric street racing series worked with product design graduates. Yes, from a highly acclaimed arts school. More noteworthy, this school is a constituent college of the University of the Arts London. As well, this is in a bid to invent bespoke trophies. Thereby those trophies are to visually capture and resemble the unique identity of Formula E.

More importantly, they had a wide brief with plenty of scope for inspiring imagination. That is when the graduates presented their ideas and prototypes. So, they came up with four designs. These were progressing to the last stage. All the while in front of a judging panel of Formula E representatives.

Therefore, it was the eye-catching layered design of Swedish-born graduate Ellen Nyqvist. Ellen is the one who devised the winner’s trophy. More importantly, the trophy is to be handed to the winning driver of the ABB FIA Formula E Championship.

To learn more about the design brief and choice process, click here
The concept depicts the shapes and outlines of some of the most liked and recognisable circuits on the Formula E calendar, which was by a fan poll.

As well and along the mixture of colours and curves, the trophy has a piece of original prose inscribed along the edge of the gold track. It’s composed by the designer to encapsulate significant the award and its place in history. Yes lasting, timeless and forever being remembered as a champion.

‘Formula E. Adrenaline still pumping like electricity in your veins, zoom out from your tunnel vision and let your eyes meet the audience. Let it sink in, embrace it. When you hold me, it’s all calm again. Like the world is catching her breath. Everything you went for, what made your heartbeat raise, what made your foot press the pedal, is now history. A history you made, a history you’re holding in your hands, a history setting the lead towards the future.’

The last designs assembled and produced by Special EFX Ltd. with the winning driver receiving a replica and the original trophy being kept on display at Formula E’s headquarters in London.

Adding to the prizes on offer, the dynamic design of fellow Central Saint Martins graduate Sarunas Plyskaitis was chosen for the trophies to be presented after the chequered flag falls at each race. The elegant and flowing style based on the electrifying ‘E’ in the Formula E logo – with the same trophy also being given to the winning team from each season, as well as the winners of each class at the annual end of season awards gala.
Steven Aspinall, Head of Design at Formula E and former student at Central Saint Martins, said:“To collaborate with a world-renowned creative institution like Central Saint Martins was an honour. Creativity represents the graduates and their interpretation of our brand was refreshing to see. We wanted to create championship trophies that would be uniquely Formula E. Ellen and Sarunas have delivered on this brief with dynamism, beauty and style.”


p <Paul De’Ath, BA Product Design Course Leader at Central Saint Martins, said:
“Having an opportunity to showcase the creative product design talent at Central Saint Martins, within the exciting and emerging sector of electric vehicles and motorsport, is a superb example of how art and design can be successfully engaged with Formula E’s progressive and fast-moving business.”

The ABB FIA Formula E Championship is the electric street racing series and the world’s first fully electric international single-seater class in motorsport. Formula E brings intense and unpredictable racing to some of the world’s most recognisable and progressive cities – including Hong Kong, Rome, Paris, Zürich and New York.

Formula E enters a new and exciting era in season five with the competitive début of the next generation car. The striking new model boasts a distinctive futuristic design and demonstrates a clear step-up performing almost double the energy storage capacity. As well, allowing teams and drivers to complete a full race distance at higher speeds without needing to swap cars. So big. So so big.

Therefore, the Gen2 car is a testament to the ongoing advancements in battery and electric vehicle technology in the space of only four years.

The fifth edition of the ABB FIA Formula E Championship will see 11 teams and 22 drivers tackle a variety of challenging circuits in 12 cities across five continents in a bid to be crowned champion. Formula E will be making its début in the Middle East on December 15 for the season-opener in Ad Diriyah, with the championship once again coming to a close in New York City over the course of two days on July 13 & 14.

The concept of Formula E is to act as a platform to test and develop road-relevant technologies, helping refine the design and functionality of components and infrastructure – actively speeding-up the transition and uptake of electric vehicles on a global scale.

Formula E is continuing to attract some of the leading names and renowned brands in motorsport and the automotive industry. For this season, Formula E has nine manufacturers on its roster – including Nissan – taking over the existing entry from Renault – and BMW linking-up with Andretti. This number will to rise further still, with the highly anticipated inclusion of Mercedes-Benz and Porsche in season six.

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