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Firstly, the Timeless Material Co. is based in Ontario, Canada. It specializes in reclaimed and salvaged building materials. Reusing and re-purposing old materials is a great way to reduce a home’s environmental footprint while adding a dose of truly unique style.

Timeless Materials

Timeless Materials offers flooring, timber, and architectural salvage products. All sourced from their sister company, Kieswetter Demolition. Each year they divert 70 thousand tons of material from landfills. Thereby reclaiming items and cataloging them for use in new projects.

In addition flooring is available in various types of wood. Also it may be refurnished for a fresh look. As well or keep its original patina. Timber and board stock includes a huge variety of structural beams, trim, and even barn doors; salvaged architectural items range from small items like windows and rosettes to complete staircases.

Reclaimed Building Materials Offer Green Style From Timeless Materials

Timeless Materials can mill and supply custom beams, stair treads, risers, railings and trim from salvaged, reclaimed wood.


They offer a wide assortment of salvaged, cast iron hot water radiators. Available in various sizes and styles from simple clean lines to decorative & ornate.

Each year, Timeless Materials and sister company Kieswetter Demolition successfully divert some 70,000 tonnes of building materials, furniture and architectural items from local landfill by reclaiming and re-purposing them. We’ve been doing this for more than 20 years so it’s not just ‘what we do’, it’s ‘who we are’!

Timeless Materials flooring


Before the environment and eco-friendly products filled headlines and store shelves, this principle building firmly into the way we do business. These processes naturally gave way to new standards in recycling and brought to fruition the salvaging of architectural details and ‘timeless’ material.

Timeless Materials continues to decrease its ‘carbon footprint’ by streamlining projects, trucking and work practices while utilizing other local business and displaying salvaged products in a high-efficiency, restored 1840’s barn.

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