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Red flags are popping up around Tesla is having those business hiccups. Firstly, the company is expected to report another profitable quarter this week. So rock on!

Although it includes a falling share price. Cause of the concerns on expiring electric vehicle credits and a mountain of debt. As well, in about five weeks all loom over Tesla as investors wait for its fourth-quarter earnings release. That’s after the markets close Wednesday. They’ll be looking to see how the last three months of the year compared with its strong third-quarter results, which surprised investors with a profit. Of course it has better-than expected car sales. Also they are rocking it with Panasonic USA and faster production of its Model 3 sports sedan.

Tesla EV fast Charging station

In conclusion, Elon Musk said earlier this month that Tesla was also profitable on an unadjusted basis during the fourth quarter. Yet and although it was smaller than the previous three months. Therefore, Musk hinted at the results in announcing layoffs of about 7 percent of the company’s workforce. That’s as it struggles to remain “sustainably profitable” as Musk has promised.

Finally I think they will be fine. This is just one page in a chapter of a larger book called Elon’s His Story!
For the entire story.

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