Top Metros for Green-Friendly Apartments

First off here’s an Apartment Guide’s Top Ten Metros for Green-Friendly Apartments*. In addition and more interestingly it’s also a Winterizing Guide.  Therefore it’s cause this one is including tips. Tips for cutting costs and becoming more energy-efficient. So therefore those in apartments take heed! In addition and the most noteworthy thing or move here is Winterizing!

So yes, your apartment can be more green-friendly. Therefore this will help the environment and thereby help saving your wallet.

In conclusion and to help those who may be searching for a more eco-friendly apartment during ”frigid February” Apartment Guide is it. So took a look at their listing data and put together a list of Top Metros for Green-Friendly Apartments.

Top Ten Metros for Green-Friendly Apartments*

1. Seattle
2. San Antonio
3. Austin
4. Phoenix
5. Omaha
6. Dallas
7. Tucson
8. Raleigh
9. Denver
10. San Francisco

According to Multi-Housing News, 71% of residents are interested in learning more about best green moves. Therefore and so to help you and your readers, Apartment Guide which is known as a trusted guide for finding your ideal place to live. They say it is providing the below Winterizing Guide. One that’s including tips for cutting costs and becoming more energy-efficient. One to save on renters’ budgets and the environment.

In conclusion and for more info check out the Apartment Guide’s blog for more details:

*Methodology: Apartment Guide looked at their data for the top cities with the most properties noted with green communities. Finally, the properties listed on Apartment Guide as green communities provide offerings/certifications. Such as LEED certification, energy-efficient windows, lighting and plumbing and drought-resistant landscaping to reduce water waste.

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