While David Morris reported some great quote about electric vehicles and energy independence. It should had been clear to everyone the need for electric cars.  We need to convert cars to electric and get cars off of oil quick.

“Al Gore’s heroic speech challenging us to make our electrical system 100 percent renewable promised it would simultaneously address three major crises: the weak economy, catastrophic climate change and the dire national security problems inherent in our dependence on imported oil.”

All I ask is what has Al Gore done for electric car lately?

Forget Al, what did we do lately together??

However the best part is Wired Magazine.

Everyone’s saying it: The future of driving is electric. The big-name car companies have plans to start giving Tesla some tough competition. Jaguar’s I-Pace electric SUV will be on sale soon, and Porsche is teasing a new concept Mission E Cross Turismo, which looks like an SUV’d Panamera (in a good way). And normal cars for regular people are going the same way. Combined, Ford and GM plan to offer 34 full electric models in the next five years.

Electric cars
Are Consumers Getting Smarter About Hybrid Electric Cars?

Columbia University Reports about the electric Vehicle Market too. They added the following.

Many countries are now banning new vehicles that run on fossil fuels like gasoline, diesel or liquefied petroleum gas. Germany, India, Ireland, Israel, and the Netherlands have announced plans to ban fossil fuel cars starting in 2030. Britain, France, Taiwan and California will ban them in 2040. Finally and Norway in 2025. In conclusion, Paris, Rome, Madrid, Athens and Mexico City will ban diesel vehicles in 2025.

Banning the gas cars means bring on the electric vehicle now! So now!

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