2019 Green Thought Leader Taryn LaRock

This year hands down goes to Taryn LaRock; owner of Sage LaRock. Cause for starters, Taryn’s brand Sage LaRock uses 100% organic cotton and real recycled plastic debris from our oceans.

Taryn LaRock
Thereby it’s not just that look at her clothing and the models. You have to understand everyone is happy (or feeling sexy) showing love and sexiness with green. Not just a serious evil look. Or one that they don’t even stare into the camera and laugh. Blah blah blah.


Similarly, I believe if Taryn is creating clothing so eco, the woman wearing Sage LaRock is consistent with the brand’s message. Hot and sexy but cool toward the Earth. So what happened? People who meet her, work for her and model for her all want to give such a great hot vibe. No really, they are sending a specific message every time I see their clothes.

Model: Lucy Cronkite, Source: Sage LaRock

Furthermore and as 2Chainz sings: It’s a Vibe!  Now don’t take all the damn lyrics so crazy. But it’s a loving vibe. Truthfully. That’s beautiful for a guy who’s a #loveactivist today in our world.

That’s because meaning simply folks, look at the pictures below. These women and how they look and feel. Look into their eyes! Tell me they don’t feel sexy and healthier at the same time?!

Most interesting question is why even should we care about sustainability clothing? For starters, the fact is that garment production is one of the most chemically reliant industries. Yes, as Taryn adds on her website, one of the lowest ranking industries for fair labor practices. However and it is also the second highest global polluter of clean water. That’s because of its use of toxic heavy metals. They include formaldehyde, and other toxic compounds.

This is how most clothing is now being produced, however Taryn doesn’t think that is ok.

Now look, when you’re not toxic, you’re full of love. So when one puts on or models her clothes must embody the beauty of the clothing too  then they are healthier of the inside: making each person hotter on the outside.

So Now for your dancing pleasure.


Green Living Guy (GLG) – What is this vibe you all have? You see it in all your models so something is going on!

Taryn LaRock (TLR) – That’s a fact – rare breed !!

Thank you so much – I’m so blessed to have opportunity to create such a great community of women around sustainability & cruelty/slave free swim

GLG..But that goes to the core of your mission.

TLR…At Sage LaRock, we believe in doing things differently. We believe that you do not have to sacrifice sustainability for style. We know that rivers don’t have to be polluted and workers don’t have to be exploited. All so we can make pretty dresses & bikinis. Furthermore, we want to prove that doing things the right way is beautiful. At Sage LaRock, things like the environment, people and integrity have as much value as beauty, quality and style. We want to work to change the world, but we want to help you look and feel gorgeous while we are doing it.

Upcycled Marine Plastic Debris:

So why does Taryn LaRock make sure her brand Sage LaRock buys all of their swimwear out of upcycled plastic debris from the oceans. For real folks. Let’s also not forget upcycled ghost-fishing nets?

Because 8 million metric tons of plastic ends up in the oceans every year. That is the equal to five grocery bags of plastic trash being stacked up on every single foot of coastline around the globe. It estimated that ghost nets, transparent plastic (non-biodegradable) fishing nets, often over a mile long, kill millions of marine animals every year. As they drift beneath the surface of our oceans drowning seals, whales, sharks, turtles, dolphins and other fish. Thereby wiping out thousands of miles of coral reefs.

Each year, at least 640,000 tonnes of nets and other fishing gear goes overboard and never comes back, and if left to drift in our oceans, these nets create mile long death traps.

But we believe this is unacceptable. So Instead of creating new polyester fabric, which all non-recycled content swimwear is made from, we only use ECONYL yarn. That is made from upcycled fishing lines and marine plastic debris. This not only stops new plastic (polyester) from being created, but also helps our oceans, and allows us to create all Sage LaRock swimwear out of the finest material, which is chlorine & sun oil resistant and has an SPF of 50.

Organic cotton:

Is grown and produced free from more than 100 harmful substances, including toxic heavy metals. Traditionally grown cotton is one of the most chemical and water intensive crops out there, so using organic cotton really does matter.

Taryn LaRock makes sure the Okeo-Tex standard organic cotton they use is grown and produced by a collective. A collective of Indian cotton growers. Ones who still use traditional bio-dynamic farming methods that are respectful of their traditions and the land. This is a completely biodegradable material.

Dead stock fabrics:

Means less waste and less landfills. Every year, hundreds of thousands of yards of fabric go to waste from fashion houses. Most importantly  and if this fabric goes unused, it ends up in landfills. Thereby only to let off toxic emissions.

Lead By Example

So here is the most amazing part of Taryn. It’s not just her brand or clothing. It’s her example. In that there are people emulating her Vibe! For example, Henrietta Delle Blue in Australia.

Finally and in conclusion, Now isn’t this what being a leader is all about?! Being acknowledged and people taking your cue. Henrietta clearly does love Sage LaRock brand and Taryn. I say so should you too.

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