Now while Pleasantville Music Festival in NY wasn’t this year due to Corona. However, it’s most definitely the most eco-friendly one on the block. Volunteers check if vendors have the right utensils to give out (aka compostable or biodegradable). These mostly ladies know how to put on an eco-friendly show.


The 6-AM Group talks about more and more artists are prioritizing the need for sustainability in today’s music industry. They are slowly transforming music parties into greener more environment-friendly festivals. It all begins with small initiatives such as the single-use of plastic bottles and the technology that allows tour trucks to utilize sustainable biodiesel to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

In ecology, sustainability (from sustain and ability) is the property of biological systems to remain diverse and productive indefinitely. More importantly, as part of the ecosystem. It is up to each one of us that inhabit this beautiful planet to do our part. So to help attain homeostasis. That’s because we need to stop harming the environment.

More importantly, in the music industry, it’s imperative for each one of us to act out. As a result, it promotes the need for sustainability.

As a producer, consequently, you can help out by producing more environment-friendly festivals. Ones likewise that put a stop on wasteful party practices. So here are some of the biggest festivals that have adopted the “leave no trace behind” policy. Thereby also practices recycling and other means just to cut down C02 emissions:

Grassroots,Outside Lands, Sweet Life, Lollapalooza, and Lighting In A Bottle in the States, or DGTL in Amsterdam. There’s plenty more out there, with festivals, big and small, old and new, rising to the occasion to forward as many green initiatives as they can.

It is imperative for big operations such as festivals to keep sustainability top of mind. To meet this goal, promoters must make fundamental changes to festival set-ups and their day-to-day activities.

What’s With A Lack of Eco-Friendly Concerts?

Environmentally-conscious festivals are constantly searching for the newest technological innovations to help reduce waste, lower CO2 emissions and increase awareness about sustainability amongst their visitors. Furthermore, keeping the dialogue open and candid, by sharing progress open and honestly along the way helps to increase awareness on the need for sustainability.

It is from awareness that action is built, by sparking the need and desire to explore new ways of thinking, new forms of design, new cultural adaptations and present these concepts in engaging, thought provoking ways.It is not enough to simply dream of possible solutions, it is up to each and every one of us to facilitate change through interaction, and by actually doing something effective to make those changes a reality.

Recycling and compost stations at Pleasantville Music Festival

Big names like singer and songwriter Jack Johnson has already adopted a firm green policy. He insists on putting focus on important changes and decisions such as where to host his concerts and shows, what kind of toiletries will be available, how recyclable are the merchandise available, and even what kind of light bulbs are going to be installed. These little steps go a long way. Top top it off, Johnson together with his management and crew created a non-profit organization All At Once which aims to make a positive change in local and international communities.

Compost station at pleasantville music festival
Compost stations at Pleasantville Music Festival

Artists Want Better Concerts!

Several artists have also shown their support for a greener music industry by doing some of their shows online. Aside from fans saving on tickets, parking fees, and other whatnots, this is a great way to help out with the world’s C02 problems. Moreover, virtual shows can reach tons of audiences from across the globe. Imagine how glad your fans will be to see you performing live from the comfort of their homes without spending a dime on airplane tickets. It’s a win-win situation for everybody. The artists are able to earn and at the same time advertise their music and gain more fans while also supporting the need for sustainability in today’s music industry.

Pleasantville Music Festival

Right near my home is Pleasantville, NY. Every year they have a kick ass and eco friendly concert people should take heed upon. I mean STAT!

So we are talking Rock, blues, and roots. Singer/songwriters and slide guitarists. Bands that have dominated the airwaves and bands that are just breaking in. All brought to one place by dedicated Pleasantville music fans. That’s what you get every year at the Pleasantville Music Festival.

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In fact, last year one of my older bands I loved. The Psychedelic Furs.

I actually attended and assisted the volunteers on the zero waste committed to ensure it was a zero waste festival. They checked every vendor to make sure there was no single use plastic. Also that everything that was sold (especially food) came with something biodegradable or compostable. Forget just recycleable. For they are are on a new level over here. This is a committed group for all the right reasons.

So it was the 10th Annual Pleasantville Music Festival on July 12, 2014 Parkway Field on Marble Avenue.

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