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To begin, I’ve written about net zero stats countless times.  First off, it’s all about being green and saving green (cash that is!!).  Seems too many to mention about net zero or carbon neutral buildings.


However, as some rappers mention, you’ve got to remind them where you have been! LOL.

Energy storage with Solar is the future.

That’s why!! Therefore! OK Fine! I’ve mentioned that FACT in my books with TAB McGraw-Hill! What books you ask?! First, I edited and co-authored one book that is called Do It Yourself Home Energy Audits. The second I also co-wrote and edited is Green Lighting.


Finally!! Here’s that fact folks! In conclusion, it’s here To stay for now and for a long time. 40% of energy in the U.S. gets consumed by residential and commercial buildings. That’s an astounding number.


In addition and according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, that extra emissions comes from
carbon sources.

40 percent of energy. Consumed for Residential and commercialFirst off or to begin, I’ve said this since Day ONE! Going green or Net zero is NOW a priority in building and construction. However, my green consulting team and I were helping even Macy’s back in the day! They saved a TON and got closer to net-zero than ever!

Therefore historically, boosting green energy in buildings has involved carrot and stick measures. Beginning, the carrot is that lower electricity cost and tax incentives. Hence the stick is government regulation such as net-zero energy codes. More importantly, net-zero requires buildings to produce as much (renewable) energy on-site as consumed. Believe it or not, you can even include energy-efficient measures!

That’s why California back when mandated all residential buildings be net-zero by 2020. Then on top of that, all commercial buildings by 2030.

Hence to therefore LOL now companies get it! THEY do get it because they see the green savings which mean that profit! I mean first off, ” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>the Hybrid Solar Wind Energy Storage Market is set to reach USD 1.5 Billion by 2024. That’s so much money!! Previously been reported in the latest study by Global Market Insights, Inc. because Government mandates are pushing clean energy systems on primarily across commercial buildings. That’s the combination will drive the hybrid solar wind energy storage market growth. I mean heck, these companies have to go solar, then Energy storage for net zero.

Tesla power packs belgium
Tesla in Partnership with Panasonic created Power Packs for Belgium

Although, it still seems today that seven in 10 decision makers want in technologies that address net-zero, fewer than one in five believe these technologies will be available in the next five years. That is way Too long. Right?! I mean firstly!! Yes that’s a word! Profitability is today!! So why?!

Lack of experience and know how is holding industries back

Lack of experience and know how is holding industries back
Challenges to adopting Sustainable Energy production and storage

Finally, people are speaking out that they don’t have qualified staff. That’s ok. That’s why the Green Living Guy is here!! Give me a Call. Lol. For buildings and construction and energy and utilities (two industries that contribute heavily to building out that good ol Sustainable Energy capacity. I can also get that fact that a lack of skilled employees in this #1 challenge to adopting disruptive technologies. No surprise then that more than three in five energy decision makers cite the need for a “partner”. This will help them integrate technologies.

Now that’s a reason that could drive multi-year growth!

Partnering to overcome obstacles with the likes of Tesla!!
Panasonic is ready with to do that partnership with their Sustainable Energy solutions. They want to help companies move the ball forward. For starters, they are solving the affordable energy storage challenge. In addition, with billion-dollar investments! For example and most noteworthy the first Tesla Gigafactory, such as, is doubling worldwide production of lithium-ion batteries in a single facility! Hey other News!! These are the facts here!. Then based on customer demand: Scale as much as anything drives savings! Trust this! Panasonic all in intends to continue to investing for scale.

So If Panasonic Can build this, it can easily build energy storage. Also, think batteries to save the power.

Why?! Panasonic is one of the few industry leaders with that solar and energy storage technologies! They are here to work the full breadth of the sustainable energy market.  That means partner with those that have new ideas! They want to help those having challenges and enable those companies take full advantage of all the benefits of scalability! So my friends, that will be a key to success cause Panasonic has the Capital to help get it done.

What’s next in our Moving Forward series?
In conclusion, in the coming months, watch for more.  Seems like Panasonic will share results from some new research studies. Finally, you want more info on energy, Panasonic capabilities and perspectives on solutions, click here  

This research is sponsored by Panasonic Corporation of North America. IT and fielded in the U.S. and Canada. The survey included 200 CTOs and other senior technology decision makers. This was across organizations with at least 200 employees.

Source: Dan Silver, Vice President, Panasonic Eco Solutions North America

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