The energy efficiency study will focus on energy-efficient construction. In addition, create tools for an enhanced plan review and inspection.

Washington, D.C. – The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced a $1.1 million grant for a three-year energy efficiency study. Specifically on energy efficient building industry standard practices. The study is between University of Central Florida’s Florida Solar Energy Center in partnership with the International Code Council and the Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET). They will lead the study. The study team will focus on driving home buyer awareness and expectations of efficient construction. As well as offer solutions-based support to users. Finally and create tools for enhanced plan review and inspection.

Aggressive Energy Efficiency Programs Could Save Michiganders a Cool $13 Billion
Aggressive Energy Efficiency Programs Could Save Michiganders ALONE a Cool $13 Billion

In addition and specifically, the Code Council will focus on:

  1. Leading the effort to investigate how labeling for energy code compliance correlates to energy efficiency. It may impact consumer expectations in new home purchases.
  2. Convening a Technical Advisory Committee to find code official requirements for quality assurance. All with respect to third-party code inspection and verification entities. The Code Council will produce a set of minimum requirements and specifications. Ones that can be used by code authorities such as states or municipalities for creating uniform systems.
  3. Leading a comprehensive effort to show code issues which impact or impede energy efficiency implementation. Or perceived to limit effectiveness of each compliance path. It’s gathering information from membership submitted code interpretation requests. Then plan review issues, membership and the DOE Building Energy Codes Program help desk. The Code Council will synthesis the findings and offer technical solutions.

Finally and In conclusion, more about the project. It’s called “Transitioning to Market Driven Residential Energy Codes: Model Residential Building Energy Code Effectiveness in a Changing Technological Environment.”

Source: International Code Council, For Immediate Release March 6, 2019

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