Famous Puget Sound Residents Give Tips on How to Save the Environment

What happens when you ask local celebrities to film their own videos about how to protect the environment on our Planet Earth? Tom Watson, the EcoConsumer in the State of Washington went to Puget Sound and decided to find out.

The results – featuring well-known Puget Sound icons. Consequently from award-winning chefs to sports stars to musicians. As you might gather some a quirky, funny, and heartwarming displays. All of how small steps to care for and protect the environment. It can

Jess Estrada, Fresh Jess Media, fashion and tech blogger

have an impact on all of us.

First of all, video one is about the topic of and why we must protect the environment.

Why Do We Care About and Protect the Environment?

Featuring appearances by:

1. Maria Hines, executive chef, Maria Hines Restaurants
2. Jess Estrada, Fresh Jess Media, fashion and tech blogger
3. Ayron Jones, musician, Ayron Jones and the Way
4. Michael Wansley (“Wanz” or “TeeWanz”), singer, featured on “Thrift Shop”
5. In addition, Nancy Guppy, comedian, Art Zone TV host, and her husband Joe 
6. Also, Chris Ballew, musician, Presidents of the United States of America, Caspar Babypants
7. Following up by Michael Saunders, outfielder, Seattle Mariners
8. As well, Teresa Gonzalez, anchor, KUNS/Univision News
9. More interestingly, M.J. McDermott. He’s  meteorologist, KCPQ13 News. 
10. Furthermore, Eric Tanaka, executive chef and partner, Tom Douglas Restaurants. 
11. In conclusion, Jeff Renner, meteorologist, KING5 News. 
12. Finally, Aleksa Manila, drag artist, former Miss Gay Filipino and Miss Gay Seattle. 

You can see both videos about how to protect the environment in Puget Sound.

Because, Why Do You Care About the Environment and Our Climate: One Goal, Many Solutions, at KCecoconsumer.com.

Furthermore, the second video about Our Climate: One Goal, Many Solutions can be seen here.

So in conclusion and in honor of Earth Day. Finally, well-known and accomplished local folks. All as a result were asked to film themselves. As well as show what they do, and we can do. Most importantly, to protect the environment.

Eric Tanaka, executive chef and partner, Tom Douglas Restaurants


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