Easter and Passover are huge holidays in the United States. Also many families gather together each year in celebration for it.

According to data gathered by Statista,over 81% of people in the United States celebrated Easter alone in the year 2017. With so many people celebrating these holidays each year, it is very important that we learn how to celebrate it in an environmentally friendly way. Being environmentally conscious is crucial for the future of our planet.

Furthermore understanding how to care for the environment is something that everyone should know how to do. In this article, I will be discussing five ways in which you can have an environmentally friendly Holiday Season. Also how to contribute saving our planet.

Green Easter
Reuse Your Baskets

Easter is one of the biggest holidays in the USA

One of the most common activities at an Easter celebration is the Easter egg hunt. Although Easter egg hunts are a fun family activity, they can also be very damaging to the environment. This is because most people use plastic baskets when participating. Plastic is extremely bad for the environment, and if you are truly trying to be eco-friendly, you should never use any products made from it. Instead of purchasing new baskets made from plastic each year, consider reusing them. Just by simply reusing your basket, you can help the environment out tremendously and also save yourself some money. If you want to take it a step further, you could even opt to use a basket that is not made from plastic at all. Some alternatives include book bags, bicycle helmets, and toy dump trucks. All of these options are eco-friendly and do the same job as a plastic basket.

Use Organic Decor
Another popular thing that occurs during Easter is the hanging of decorations. Just like Easter baskets. For the Passover Seder, too many popular decorations contain plastic. Therefore, I would recommend you make sure that you purchase decorations that don’t contain any plastic or are organic. Some things that you can buy are organic lilies or tulips, and potted herbs.

Not only are these alternatives environmentally safe, but they are often times cheaper as well. Another tip I would suggest is that when shopping for your decorations, shop at local florists or greenhouses. By doing so, you are keeping your money in the economy, and eliminating the need for long-distance trucking or shipping.

Use Organic Dye
Another popular Easter activity is the coloring of eggs. When most people dye their eggs, they use petroleum-based dyes. However, these types of dyes are not natural, and actually, have a more negative impact on the environment than you may think. Therefore, I would recommend using dyes that contain more organic ingredients such as red beets, grape juice, and blueberries. Using dyes that contain these ingredients when coloring your eggs is something that you should definitely do if you want to have a “green” Easter.

Use Organic Eggs

Not only does the type of dye matter when trying to create an eco-friendly Easter. Yet during Passover it is customary to eat an egg. So the type of eggs that you are dying or eating also matters.

While it is true that organic products are not necessarily healthier for you, it is also true that they are much healthier for the environment. This is because organic products require less artificial ingredients, and as a result, make it more eco-friendly. When choosing the eggs that you want to dye from the supermarket, try to select white organic ones since they are easy to dye.

Also for the all over the Seder and for Passover the white ones are just as good. I do eat brown eggs too because they are just as nutritious as white ones.

Buy Organic Chocolate
One of the most common foods at any Easter celebration is chocolate. Easter and chocolate go together like turkey and Thanksgiving. However, when purchasing chocolate for your Easter celebration, only buy organic products.

Organic chocolate is generally available at a wide variety of health-food stores and local grocery stores.


Passover is a Jewish holiday that occurs at around the same time as Easter. Although the two holidays celebrate different events, the ways in which they are celebrated are very similar. Just like Easter celebrations, during Passover, many families gather together and do all sorts of activities such as having dinner (typically called a seder), and decorating their homes. When having dinner and decorating your homes during passover, the same eco-friendly rules for Easter apply. Try to use decorations that do not contain plastic, and try to use organic ingredients when serving dinner and/or snacks. If everyone in America who celebrates Easter and Passover do these two basic things every year during their celebrations, the positive impact that this will have on the environment would be astronomical.

In conclusion, going green during Easter and Passover are very easy things to do, and will help preserve the environment.

Finally 85% of Americans celebrate at least one of these two holidays each year. So if everyone was a little bit more environmentally conscious during them. Then finally we could all start making the world a much greener place.</

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