Hyundai Motor Group Partnering with RIMAC Accelerating Developing High Performance Electric Cars

  • Hyundai Motor Group to invest EUR 80 million in Rimac Automobili. In addition, Hyundai Motor to invest EUR 64 million in RIMAC. ALSO, Kia Motors to invest EUR 16 million. These consoles want FAST electric cars and trucks NOW!
  • New partnership to enhance Group’s status as game changer in Clean Mobility

SEOUL/ZAGREB, May 14, 2019 — Hyundai Motor Group and Rimac Automobili (Rimac) have announced a strategic partnership aimed to strengthen the Group’s efforts to lead the high-performance electrified vehicle market and enhance its status as a game changer in Clean Mobility.

Under the new partnership, Hyundai Motor Company and Kia Motors Corporation will each invest EUR 64 million and EUR 16 million, respectively, for a total combined investment of EUR 80 million in Rimac. The companies will work closely together to develop prototypes for an electric version of Hyundai Motor’s N brand midship sports concept car and a high-performance fuel cell electric vehicle with the intent to bring them to market at a later time.


Rimac was founded in 2009 by Mate Rimac as a garage project in Croatia with the vision to build the sports car of the 21st century. It has since grown rapidly into a technology powerhouse, with its expertise ranging from high-performance electric powertrains to various control technologies and battery systems.

Hyundai Motor Group will leverage the partnership to build on its existing R&D capabilities to meet its electrification plan, which includes deployment of 44 eco-friendly models by 2025. Meanwhile, Hyundai Motor’s N brand, dedicated to high-performance vehicles, has been introducing acclaimed high-performance models such as the i30N and the Veloster N since its launch in 2015.

Source: Rimac Automobili and Hyundai Motor Group

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