Hyundai Motor Group Launches ‘E-mobility Pilot’ in Singapore

SP Group and Komoco Motors to Enhance EV Customer Experience

Hyundai Motor Group (the Group), in partnership with SP Group and Komoco Motors, announced the launch of an E-mobility pilot program in Singapore. The program aims to identify real-world customer concerns and requirements for enhancing customer value and experience and establishing a robust EV ecosystem in the city state.

The E-mobility pilot plans to offer EV owners convenience, reliability, and peace of mind.  For that’s while driving an EV based on customers’ needs. The pilot will test a new business model.  This business model enables participants to subscribe to one of the three monthly subscription plans.  All that integrate customer care services and EV-charging credits.

A group of 50 participants were selected in July 2021.  They will experience long-range IONIQ 5 BEVs of Hyundai Motor Company for the next five years starting from September 2021. Through the E-mobility platform, Hyundai Motor Group’s proprietary system developed for BEV maintenance and being operated jointly with program partners, drivers will be able to receive diverse services.

 Pilot program to offer real-time EV battery management solution, preventive maintenance, EV charging credits and V2V mobile charging for EV owners in Singapore EV owners to experience leading EV-integrated solutions from Hyundai Motor Group, SP Group, and Komoco Motors Program to identify the needs of EV owners to enhance customer value, and establish a robust EV ecosystem in Singapore A total of 50 long-range Hyundai IONIQ 5 will be involved in the pilot program

In addition, SP Group, which operates Singapore’s largest fast-charging network, will provide customized EV charging solutions. On the E-mobility platform and the SP Utilities app, participants can seamlessly subscribe and pay for their chosen plan, locate the nearest charging point, charge and track the remaining charging credits. Under the program, subscribers can choose one of three charging credit plans – basic (60kWh/month), standard (180kWh/month), and premium (300kWh/month).

Each plan includes various customer care services.

Drivers can monitor their EV battery in real-time on their mobile devices.  All to receive status updates and alerts on the condition of the battery and vehicle. As well, Komoco Motors, the exclusive distributor for Hyundai in Singapore will play a pivotal role.  Especially in providing maintenance service which covers Vehicle-to-Vehicle(V2V) mobile charging service. That’s for on-site emergency cases such as cars with insufficient charge.  Moreover and preventive maintenance services.

In addition, pilot participants will be provided with in-vehicle air care products. Embiome, a Hyundai Motor affiliate that specializes in automotive products based on eco-friendly biotechnology, will offer eco-friendly coating and filters to maintain the vehicle’s internal clean air quality.

Finally, Mr. Teo Hock Seng, Executive Chairman of Komoco Motors Pte Ltd, commented, “We are honored to be part of this strategic development, demonstrating to Singaporeans what an EV ownership journey could offer. With peace of mind after-sales support by a trained technical crew coupled with robust infrastructure and mobility solutions, I believe this exercise will be a good benchmark for those considering switching to full electric. We hope more people will join in this electric motion.”

In conclusion, HMGICS, the Group’s open innovation lab for mobility research and development.  For it will lead the pilot with the aim of revolutionizing the future mobility value chain. Finally and to that end, Hyundai is expanding its partnerships with SP Group. All to accelerate future mobility innovation.

Source: The News Market