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So I’ve got to tell you, I really love local stories about solar. Like Midwest. They are some of my favorites because then I see the shift. I hope that makes sense but America will go green when everyone gets involved. Not just a coastal state like mine. It needs to come from within the country.

From the Kenosha News Staff. Paris Solar Energy Center announced the hiring of Frank Krupkowski as the local representative for the project. It’s a proposed solar development located in the town of Paris in Kenosha County. Located in Wisconsin!

As I reported before about other companies, Hawaii has the largest Renewable Portfolio Standard in the US. So it’s requiring 40% of the state’s energy to be derived from renewable energy by 2030.

For example and as I’ve written before:

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) and the state Public Service Commission (PSC) have awarded $30 million to help fund large-scale solar power projects. All that will assist facilities in New York City and the lower Hudson Valley generate electricity for their own use.

The $30 million represents the first year of five years of planned funding under the $150 million, RPS Customer-Sited Tier Regional Program.

Potential projects include a wide variety of businesses, all of which are major consumers of electricity — department stores, discount stores, apartment complexes, Postal Service distribution centers and other sites in New York City and the Hudson Valley.


Additionally, Hawaii has a three-tier feed-in-tariff structure for renewable energy. In conclusion to this project, the Hawaii Tier 2 FIT. This is for solar systems developed on rooftops, land or carports. In conclusion, all that are 500 kilowatts and under that provide electricity directly to the utility power grid. Upon completion, these SEFs will make a significant contribution toward enabling Hawaii’s preferred energy future. Finally and helping to increase the state’s energy self-sufficiency.

Paris Solar as we get back to Wisconsin

So Paris Solar is being developed by Invenergy. For they are also a privately held developer and operator. All of sustainable energy solutions.

In addition, this Midwest-based company is also the developer in other places. I mean also the recently approved Badger Hollow Solar Farm. That’s for example in Iowa County.

Paris Solar Energy Center has announced the hiring of Frank Krupkowski as the local representative for the solar development project.

In conclusion, this Paris Solar project is expected to produce enough clean, renewable energy. As a result, powering 55,000 Wisconsin homes per year. Also and finally it’ll directly invest more than $3 million in the local economy every year.

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