SAANICH, BC – The District of Saanich in British Columbia, Canada, required multi-use pathway lighting for one of its parks and chose Urban Solar for its reliable and high performance solar powered LED lighting systems. Urban Solar’s RMS Series lighting systems now illuminate nearly half of a kilometer of pathway at Saanich’s Layritz Park.

Urban Solar is an industry leader. Especially for installing lighting systems that perform well in challenging environments for solar energy. For that’s most notably in the Pacific Northwest.

Saanich has a large population and urban areas. However it is also home to many rural areas and farms. It also strives to have a harmonious balance. Especially with the environment. Urban Solar’s stand-alone systems allowed the district to install lighting without the need for trenching and to mitigate environmental impact.


Urban Solar now offers its smart controller, the ECM Connect™ (Energy Control Module), which can accompany its lighting systems. This smart technology allows its end users to control all of the systems remotely, monitor usage, and ultimately save money.

“Urban Solar’s product offering fit perfectly with our requirements for a reliable, robust solar pathway light in a park setting. Urban Solar’s team was professional and helped our installation crew with the commissioning. We would consider using solar lighting again in other park projects,” says the District of Saanich Park Planner and Designer for the project.

“Pathways and multi-use greenways are a perfect fit for our RMS Series,” says Urban Solar Business Development Manager Eben Lindsey.  “This site at Layritz Park provided some challenges as it’s home to many trees, and shade lessens the ability for the panels to capture enough sun. However, we were able to work closely with Saanich and found a solution by properly positioning the solar lighting systems.”

Source: Saanich and URBAN SOLAR,

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