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Equipment provided by Enel X to McLaren for ABB FIA Formula E Championship announces USA Launch of consumer based charging stations.

First of all!! Thanks again to Enel X. For starters, I was given full access to Formula E in NYC. SO Enel X is are the title of Official Smart Charging Partner for Formula E. Enel
X is providing the chargers used by the 11 teams of the competition.

In addition, Enel X is also making smart charging accessible for a more sustainable future.

More interestingly, here’s the quick recap of today’s race  Click Here!

Enel X charging sponsor allowed me to visit.
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So as a result of adopting zero-emission vehicles increases, emphasis must be placed on dual de-carbonization through charging. Therefore we want EV Charging that is consequently smarter, faster and more sustainable.

So as part of Enel X’s pursuit of solving for a zero carbon future, the company has uniquely built a smart charging platform that balances the grid. It’s also because it optimizes EVs as batteries for renewable energy. Thereby reducing energy costs for all utility customers. Therefore Everyone wins!!

Enel X charging station at Formula E Brooklyn

As well, Enel X JuicePump 80 Formula E edition Enel X providing a charging solution specifically customized for Formula E purpose.

The main characteristics of the event will be:

The charging session will be between free practice qualifying and race.

Charging session will take around 1 hour.

The increased size of the battery will allow racers completing the race without battery swap.

So it’s also motorsport integrated technologies.

Extremely lightweight and with reduced dimensions due to motor sport advanced technologies.

Enel X charging station. Event at Fia Brooklyn


Recharge of cars RESS in an hour.
FormulaE box;

Technical specification:

Power output up to 80 kW DC to recharge the Car.

▪Sizing:1740x640x1180 mm

▪Weight: 200 kg

▪User interface: a display will assure local monitoring and operation

▪Charger integrated in flight case to reduce weight

For starters, Enel is a globally recognized leader in sustainable energy. It is consistently named one of Fortune Magazine’s “Companies that are Changing the World.” One of the largest and most trusted energy companies in the world, serving more than 72 million customers in more than 30 countries across 5 continents.

In addition, Enel X is a global business leading the transformation of the energy sector. They enable consumers, businesses and  communities to make smarter decisions about the way energy is created, stored and managed.

Also Enel X has a solid presence all around the world. They continue to expand and to create a community and a network aimed at creating innovative solutions for a zero carbon future.

Therefore the goals and impact of Enel X expanding its e-mobility capabilities in the U.S.:

  1. Enel X’s move into e-Mobility in North America greatly enhances access to energy solutions. So therefore by combining Enel X’s global experience and scale with eMotorWerks innovative offerings.
  2. Enel X e-Mobility will provide solutions that enable the next phase of EV adoption. That clearly is convenient charging infrastructure at home, work and in public.

Why smart EV charging:

For starters and as the adoption of EVs increases, two issues arise. Consumers therefore need to increase control into their charging + utilities need to be able to better manage the impact EVs will have on the grid. Enel X is a company working to solve both problems.

In conclusion and as more regions like California, Colorado and New York adopt 100% renewable energy plans, the need for smart charging becomes more acute to cost-effectively and sustainably manage grid supply and demand.

Finally, why smart charging matters for consumers:

a) Economic solution for solving dual electrification goals.

b) Further reducing costs for all electricity users – not just EV drivers.

c) JuiceNet Green – utilize cleanest energy produced.

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