An eco-friendly basement is such a cool idea for starters. For many, having a finished basement turn into an eco-friendly basement is the ultimate home addition. The options for an eco-friendly basement renovations are also limitless. You can install a secondary kitchen. Also you can add a full sized bath. Also consider incorporating personal touches. All to make the space unique from your home.

I mean a basement adds comfort and style. However a finished eco-friendly basement adds value. As a result, to your home. So keeping it “green” is ideal. Yet here are a few tips. Tips to help you get started. All with your eco friendly basement remodeling project.


As I’ve written before, when considering turning your home into a more sustainable one a while ago. I mentioned the best place to start is with an energy-efficiency audit. Then you know which areas of your home use the most energy. So you can then be able to make the right changes.

In addition, auditors have specialized tools and skills. All that make it possible for them to evaluate your homes energy-efficiency. Consequently then they can recommend some low-cost measures. Knowing the problem can spare you. Especially from wasting money on some unneeded changes. Who wants that at the start of a project.

Eco-friendly basement

Select Natural, Recycled, or Sustainable Materials

Selecting the right building materials is key. Especially to keeping your basement renovation eco-friendly. Materials such as reclaimed wood are even used in flooring. Also to make shelves, or accent pieces. Even engineered wood can be used for building structural members. Members such as joists and trusses. Furthermore, composite materials can be used throughout the build. That’s since they are comprised of recycled wood and plastics.

Flooring Options

Volatile Organic Compounds or VOCs release harmful chemicals into the air. So unfortunately, most types of flooring products contain a high level of these compounds. The best and most durable flooring for your basement renovation is linoleum or natural fiber carpeting.

Linoleum is made from recycled cork or is harvested from cork trees. It is a great eco-friendly option. All the while natural fiber carpeting is made from recycled grasses and reeds. Other choices for green flooring include reclaimed wood, bamboo, and ceramic tile. These are ideas which can be installed using literally no VOC adhesives.

Planning for Healthy Siting

Poor drainage and cracks in your foundation or basement floor will cause moisture build. Resulting in mold and mildew. These are things which can make the air in your basement harmful to breathe.

Before beginning your renovation project, you must make sure that your basement is waterproof. More noteworthy that your home’s foundation is sound. Have an expert with a foundation repair and waterproofing company fully evaluate your basement. Only to ensure it is ready. Ya know, before you begin laying flooring or installing major appliances. The blog at Helitech Waterproofing & Foundation Repair has a post on Preventative Foundation Maintenance. This will help.

Choosing Finishes

Most paints and stains also contain an exorbitant amount of VOCs. However, there are paints and stains that are now made which contain “low VOCs” or “zero VOCs”. When purchasing low VOC paint, do your research. Currently, there is no industry standard for determining how low is low for VOCs. Always check the label before purchasing low or no VOC paint or stain.

Organic paint and stain is made of completely natural materials. It is found in a wide array of color types. Organic paint is your safest bet for keeping it green. That’s since it contains no VOCs.

Installing Energy Efficient Appliances

When installing a basement kitchen, bathroom, or bar, use Energy Star rated. For starters, Energy guide ratings are labeled on appliances. As well as these ratings help you determine how much energy and water appliances consume. Cross reference these guide ratings with those on the Energy Star website. Only to help you make the most eco-friendly basement choices. If you are unsure ask your installer or bathroom renovation team. They  help you out. Finally because they have the most up to date knowledge on technology available.

Vapor Barriers

Since circulation is low, install vapor barriers in your basement. It helps promote better air quality. In addition, these barriers also act as insulation. All which will help you keep heating and cooling costs down.

Choosing Light Fixtures

So without natural lighting in your eco-friendly basement. That means you need to install light fixtures.  Yes folks, throughout the area. Finally, by using low voltage lighting systems like LED, you reduce energy consumption. Again that’s while still keeping your basement well lit.

In conclusion, keeping it green on an eco-friendly basement is the way to go. Especially when performing renovations. It helps you keep energy costs down. It will also provide you with piece of mind that you used natural sustainable materials for the build. Finally, remember to always research materials and products before purchase. Finally, to be making the most eco-friendly choices.

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