Just over 70% of our planet comprises of water. However with the rise in world-wide population and increasing droughts. So the risk of running low on water is not a third-world issue. To combat this, effective sewage treatment and screening is of paramount importance.

Water is Seen As An Unending Commodity

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From sanitation, straight through to cooking. Water is therefore essential to our everyday function. It is the most vital nutrient for our bodies second only to oxygen. Consequently is in constant need of replenishment. All due to loss from sweat and urination; among others. It is estimated that a human, on average, won’t survive longer than five days without access to water. However three quarters of the water on Earth is undrinkable.

3% Of Water On Earth is Fresh Water

Water on earth

97% of the water on Earth is salt water.  Which means as we all know, is undrinkable. I mean there is far less water available then one assumes. So now add to this the fact that the remainder of the Earth’s supply is frozen. As well as  deep underground. Now the issue becomes even more concerning. Insufficient screening and separation of fresh water found in developing countries. All therefore results in lethal bacteria and organisms. Thereby taking the lives of approximately 5,000 children each day. Add to this the danger of climate change, and we have an even darker vision before us.

Turning Waste Into Clean Water


The EU’s Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive works to protect humans, plants, animals and the environment. All by treating domestic, industrial and rain water that’s waste contaminated. This goes through research, along with the screening implementation. Finally then and most interestingly the separation techniques. This all means that even harmful products as miniscule as 0.75 can be removed from our water.

Companies such as Environmental Screening and Separation now utilize innovative equipment to treat our water. Finally and most noteworthy are still striving to find new processes to treat our waste water on earth. Finally and through recycling our water, we are one step closer. Closer to solving the present and future water crisis.

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