From medieval times, water that you drink has been one of the top priorities to sustain life on Earth. As humans, we were always drawn to the essence of water for some reason. As we know, life on Earth started in water bodies. Then and over several thousand years, we ended up on land that we live on today.

Thus, it is evident to say that our water-driven lifestyles are not a mystery. Every life-form on Earth is directly related to water for its survival. Our planet is more than 70 percent of water. As well as our body is made up of a significant portion of water as well. Everywhere you go, you see water that you drink in abundance. That’s a mark of water signifies the mark of life. Also what every space outrun has been looking outside Earth. Finally these traces of water that you drink. As water makes life possible and no witnessed living being can live without it.


For as long as the quests of water go, it is quite sad to know about the ill-treatments of water that you drink over the past few decades. We were always provided with the best from nature, and clean water, which is fit for drinking was stored in abundance. However, the negligence of inhumane activities over the years has resulted in the scarcity of water in many places.

As in India, a majority of cities and towns experience the impact of clean water scarcity. In the 21st century, it is very well declared that there would not be much access to clean water soon if the proper usage of it is not checked. Though this sounds scary, it is a bit more shameful on our part as we continue to misuse clean water. As for the future generations to witness this world, this would be a rather tricky situation for them to sustain.  

The vitality of water is limitless.

The impact of water on a living being cannot be emphasized further. It is an essential component of life. Starting from the smallest cells and extending the vision to the planetary level, everything around us either comprises of water or relies on it to function. All the internal processes inside living organisms are carried out with water. Your health is directly in correlation with the water that you drink.

Being optimally hydrated is very vital as it makes sure that the processes inside your body are carried out smoothly and effectively. Processes like digestion and assimilation will not take place if there is no water content in your body. Thus, eating food and not drinking enough water might be a cause of your health concern as well.  

When water is so crucial in making your life possible, why would you risk your health for something that your body readily deserves? It is not only unwise but also stupid to think that you can get away without drinking water or drinking water that is not fit for consumption.

Moreover, pure water that is fit for drinking has added health benefits to it as well. As you know, water is made up of two constituent parts, which are hydrogen and oxygen. Thus, fulfilling your water intake requirements will ensure that your body is never a deficit of oxygen.

This also comes to aid when you are short of breaths after a workout or due to aging. As an educated adult, you must never consider drinking water that is not fit. Because drinking less will might impose long term health degradations on your body.

What is the best way to access pure water at home?

Water inevitably imposes plenty of changes in the human body, and while it is still quite valuable, the over-utilization of water has resulted in a scarcity of water supply in many places in India. Though this practice could be quickly answered with claiming overpopulation to be the culprit. Yet that has nothing to do with the solution, as of now. A country like India, home to over 1.3 billion citizens needs to make suitable drinking water that reaches out to every household.

So having a large population cannot be countered with not enough water to drink. However, proper utilization of water might take some heat of the issue. Yet getting access to pure drinking water is the need of the hour. It is the health of those 1.3 billion people that we are talking about.

To benefit from the functional aspects of water, proper purification processes should be indulged. By purifying the water, you can make sure that the consumed water is free from harmful toxins and chemical residues. So, start by setting up a good purifier at your homes.Water that you drink

What must you look for in a water purifier?

A good water purifier that comes with RO purification technology. It is well known to free the tap water from its evil constituents. RO technology, which stands for Reverse Osmosis technology. It works on the principle of a general osmotic process, however opposite in nature.

The RO purification method is used in vast scales all over the world to purify water. As well as to make it fit for consumption. The process of RO is capable of removing the hard to see toxins from water. Water; most of which consists of chemicals and hard metals. These dissolved impurities are very unlikely to be seen without the help of microscopes.

However, long term consumption of such toxic water may prove to be life-threatening. Thus, switching to a good RO is a wise thought.Water that you drink -wise communities: including empowering citizens, increasing professional awareness of water and enabling policy makers to take water-wise action.

Is RO purification of water as safe as it sounds?

In conclusion, as good as the RO technology sounds, it does come along quite a few drawbacks as well. The most addressed one being the removal of useful nutrients from the water. As the RO process is conducted, all the toxins are concentrated at the end. Since this process depends on the concentration criteria, most of the nutrients and minerals which are readily available in the water are also taken away.

Thus, leaving behind the purest form of water, which some might not consider drinking. However, leading water purifier companies solve this problem by simply adding a TDS controller to this machine. A TDS controller is meant to maintain the level of nutrients in the water that you drink.

This is optimal for drinking purposes. Thus, while looking for an excellent purifier for your home, make sure your RO purifier comes along with a TDS controller, and it would make the best drinking water filter for home.