Scientists at VTT developed a prototypes of energy trees. All from solar energy grabbing from its surroundings.

So that’s first off. Second of all, it’s whether your indoors or outdoors. As a result, it’s because it stores and turns the energy trees into electricity to power small devices. For example, mobile phones, humidifiers, thermometers and LED light bulbs. The technology can also be used to energy harvest trees for kinetic energy. All from the environment.VTT printing solar for energy trees

The “leaves” of the tree are flexible. They are patterned solar panels. Panels made using a technique developed by VTT. All on a printing process. The leaves form an electronic system complete with wiring that conduct energy into a converter. All that feeds electricity to devices such as mobile phones or sensors analyzing the environment.

In conclusion, the energy tree trunk is made with 3D technology. All consequently by exploiting wood-based biomaterials. Consequently things that VTT have developed.

Finally, VTT’s technologies are creating endless opportunities for applications. That’s involving different kinds of electronics. All regarding lighting and energy harvesting.Energy treeEnergy trees are amazing

So one company selling something to this effect is Spotlight Solar. They have structures incorporating beautiful, efficient solar panels. All in sculptural forms designed to inspire. This adds reputation value to the ROI on other environmental investments. Your customers will advocate, employees will gain pride, and tenants will prefer your property. And your example will lead other people to consider their own choices. we call this Return on Visibility (click for more).

In conclusion, the more solar panels there are in a tree, the more energy it can harvest.

Source: VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd

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