As to be expected, great amounts of energy are used throughout the entirety of the world. Industries and society alike are highly reliable on fuels and other sources of energy.  Also the increasing uses of energy are causing a huge environmental threat. Worst part is energy and water are becoming equally important.

Consequently it’s also posing a high risk of damage and pollution. Because of this, it is vital that we find alternatives. Especially to where we get our daily amounts of energy from. Finally and how we can decrease the amount we use.

With the introduction of advanced technology in recent years, it should and can be possible to adjust our electricity sources and the amount of energy these inventions consume.

Many technologies have been modernized in the way that they run, as they may take energy from things such as the sun and the wind. A small minority of contemporary technology can also be ran through kinetic energy, meaning that the movement of things can actually power particular electronics.

Eco friendly technology may well be the future of green living and could also be the motivation for a sustainable future.

What we want to know is – what current green projects are there in the technology sector?

Port Solar Charger
So 6 billion of the 7 billion people in world all own mobile phones.  Each of these phone owners need to charge their mobile electronic devices; causing a massive consumption of electricity.

It is predicted that over a quarter of a home’s energy goes into electronic appliances and electronics. With this in mind, there should be a decrease in the electricity. All used by these respective products in future years in order to save our resources.

Also, phones aren’t actually the main consumer of electricity. That’s because televisions and computer desktops use over £40 worth of energy in a year.

Despite this, it is possible that the advancement of smartphones may the amount of energy that is required to charge them. However, settings can also cause products to be smarter.

Now!  With the introduction of the solar power charger means that energy used to charge electronics comes from the sun. This means that there will be only one cost for the gadget itself. Also there are no extra costs on your energy bill.

The suction cup that forms part of the gadget means you can place it directly onto the window to suck up as much sunlight power as possible.

Water Pebble
One of the worst scenarios for wasting water is during a shower. As you don’t tend to keep track of the amount of water you are showering in. So time can fly by and a lot of water. It can pass down into the drain.

During every minute of taking a shower, approximately five gallons of water. All are used and wasted. Therefore for every ten minute shower you are losing around 50 gallons of water!

To prevent large masses of valuable water from being wasted, the Water Pebble is a small device that you place onto your drain and it will monitor each droplet that hits it. The Pebble will indicate when you have used a sufficient amount of water by flashing traffic light colored LEDs to represent the length of your shower. It will measure your shower water each time and flash red the next time you go over your last water limit.

Solar Lanterns
25% of home energy is burnt through the use of electronic lighting. It is probable that most people use lamps in their homes at times when it may not be needed, If you are using a lamp at any given time, it can be a bad habit for us to leave them on during the night causing a rise in the energy that is consumed.

The inflatable solar lantern is not only good for in the house, but also a very good torch alternative. It could also be a good resource during camping trips. This is the case as it is completely waterproof, portable and compact.

It can similarly be powered either with a rechargeable lithium battery or through the highly beneficial solar panels that are embed into the base of the lantern.
The sun’s natural rays are sure to fully charge the lamp and make it as bright as possible.

Energy Efficient Kettle
The average kettle uses about one unit of electricity each time it is put on to boil. So you will save a significant amount of energy with this puppy. Also because it can be an easy mistake. One to put the kettle on more than once to serve more than one cup of tea. However, you need to fill the kettle as much as you need to. Finally and boil in one go.

It can also be tempting to put the kettle on more than once to make sure it is hot enough for your desires. There are many ways in which this can prevented, as you may not realize how much energy you are wasting.

Phillips present a kettle that allows you to be precise in your measurements, this is because it has a clear measuring guide on the side of it which also lets you know of the amount of cups it can fill.

The heating element within this kettle boils your water quicker. Although it uses much less than your normal one.

Recycled Boombox
In order to stay eco-friendly, you can now buy a boombox that is made from recycled resources like old starburst or skittles boxes. The speakers are built directly into the boxes and there is also a designated section for your music player to be plugged into. Speakers use a significant amount of energy I say, so well played!

It can be very easily cleaned and has a very powerful output in terms of quality of sound.

A sustainable future is definitely promising. Especially with the increase of green technology. One that is added to the market. That’s because technology is designed to appeal to a greener environment. One that is definitely a brilliant option. Because it can work just as efficiently as average technologies.

Through the uses of sun, wind and wave power things are good. So  the fossil fuels can be reserved and pollution is decreased. It is important to embrace an eco-friendly lifestyle. One that will eventually pay off as incredibly useful to our communities.

What do you think of this blog? Do you know of any other environmentally friendly technology projects? If so, please let us know in the comments below.

This blog was written by Jennifer Smith on behalf of The Green Deal, the renewable energy specialists.

Images courtesy of ShutterstockSolar energy plus energy storage. The way to go.


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  1. Great article!

    Another great way to save energy is to kill power to devices such as your cable box, PlayStation, or computer when not in use. All of them are large energy vampires!

    Thanks for posting!

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