First of all, imagine no more power outages. All with a new solar tech and energy storage or other tech! However we are talking solar power at night! Every night!

Ha ha, you thought it was impossible; until now. Be better than LEED most interestingly! Not!


So a solar energy expert shows you how. With sustainable new technology for residential (as well as ranches, farms and RVs) solar energy production. This innovation is “closed-looped” (just keeps on going).

As written before, every day the California state government and business community are working hard.

Yet now PSE&G and lack of proper land management where forests are there are things happening.

Altough, they are working to make the state’s, cities and businesses more sustainable and green.

However and as Fox News Reported:

After deadly wildfires in recent years that destroyed thousands of homes, PG&E mailed 6.2 million claim forms to possible victims, calling attention to the process through websites, email, social media and radio and television ads. But in court papers obtained by the Associated Press, many victims said the legal notice didn’t reach them because. That’s because they have been displaced. Also they did receive it they originally believed it was a scam.

Back to Solar Now Please! Stay Focused!

Recent agreements have helped reduce the prices for solar energy. That’s both for small and medium sized companies. Therefore, those who might not have been able to previously afford those upgrades.

Solar power at night every night

The picture above shows a power outage in San Diego. Now imagine solar at night when needed?!

Now no need for “net metering” with a utility company, and go off the grid if you choose.

BE FREE AT LAST- Now there are no disadvantages to solar power; now the public can begin to reverse climate change – this tech is way ahead of MIT. Note the photo below, taken during a power outage in San Diego, now a thing of the past.