Give today climate change plus tech is a fast and burning issue. So it’s up to us to think of ways to slow the effects it’s having on our precious planet.

Climate Change Tech

This article explores some amazing tech innovators. Tech that is creating and safeguarding our planet from global warming. All for our loved ones in the future.

Harvard Business Review back in 2011 even added:

To cut global emissions in half over the next 40 years, we need climate change tech.  Especially as scientists recommend, climate change clean tech must be rolled out on a vast scale. In the past, they have taken 19 to 30 years to achieve wide use of tech. That’s from researchers at the UK think tank Chatham House. As well as the patent-search firm CambridgeIP.

Limit GHG

To be sure, powerful new market forces are at work: Governments beyond Europe are set to impose limits on greenhouse gases. Moreover, companies in a range of sectors are searching hard for ways to curb emissions. But climate change tech deployment always takes time.

That is particularly true of energy-related inventions. All consequently which tend to get into big trouble on their way out of the incubator and into the marketplace.

Entrepreneurs scrounge for capital.

I have. I remember bad bad times in 2004. So at the same time, investors struggle to manage the risks of emerging technologies. Then patents get bought and sold yet consequently not necessarily used. Therefore it is incumbent upon energy giants to not hesitate.  I mean they need to give up their existing equipment now!

climate change tech protest
Climate change protest

As stated:

“This Machine Just Started Sucking CO2 Out Of The Air To Save Us From Climate Change” (Fast Company, May 2017)

“Start-Ups Hoping to Fight Climate Change Struggle as Other Tech Firms Cash In” (New York Times, May 2019)

“Sucking carbon from air, Swiss firm wins new funds for climate fix” (Reuters, August 2018)

“These companies are leading the fight against climate change” (CNN Business, October 2018)

“Why and how business must tackle climate change now” (Forbes, October 2018)

The unsaid message behind these stories?

Climate change is the kind of monetizable “problem.”

One that finally business can “solve.” In conclusion though as if it were akin to smoothing over a supply chain hiccup or a PR crisis.

But it isn’t. Climate change is a political problem with a political solution. In addition, the Roman Republic had, at its peak. As a result, a well-organized, representative government capable of large-scale public works project. All like the Roman aqueducts or the vast Roman road system.  One that stretched across North Africa and southern Europe. Therefore we must get political will existing among the citizenry. Then and only then the republic could certainly organize itself. More importantly we can do the same.  All to solve the climate crisis.

Conclusion for Climate Change Tech

With a reorganization most noteworthy of society and industry is needed. Why? Because we could easily do as the Romans. Yet consequently our civilization has been collectively hypnotized by the tech industry. All into believing that everything can be solved by more gadgetry and more money thrown at the tech sector.

Let’s really get serious though. Recycle plastics up to 99%. Same with electronics. Then reuse that in the market for every every every product. Let’s get real.

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  1. Totally agree that this is an interesting infographic. We need to take advantage of every angle available to manage the developing crisis caused by global warming, but it’s unfortunate that these potentially helpful technologies are presented as a solution. They can’t “save us” unless humanity is willing to serious tackle to root causes of global warming as well.

  2. In-depth studies, carried out over the last 45 seconds, confirm there is a direct link between the climate and politics.

    Both climate and politics change over time !! A fact confirmed in the afore mentioned in-depth study.

    “Man” is the main cause of all political change, therefore “Man” is the main cause of climate change.

    The climate is seen as a problem if a particular political party is in power, whereas there is no problem at all to be see with the climate if the opposite party is at the helm.

    So, the simplest way to solve any climate problems is to keep that party “who see no problems”, in power.

    Not only will this save the Earth from certain destruction, it will save a lot of money in the national budget as there’ll be no need for climate science committees, reports, analysis, action etc.

    Prior to the 45 second in-depth study, a cartoon was created, which may, or may not, conflict with the theme of the above summary.

    That climate change cartoon is here . . . . . . . .


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