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There are so many reasons why I love kos organic eco skin care. Let’s just say when I used it correctly on my skin, I never felt anything that was so strong in pulling out toxins. Yet just one  Turmeric I mean for diet to beauty. It’s safe to say that by trial and error they understand the unique properties of turmeric better than anyone. But a few thousand miles to the east, much of South East Asia is equally specialized in their local ingredient, sandalwood. In another corner of the planet, native Americans for centuries used bentonite clay. That’s part of the Kos organic eco way!

However, as SkinCareOx:

It’s no surprise that the kos organic eco skin care beauty market has exploded. Over the years, people have become more aware of what’s inside their skin care products and have begun to make better decisions about what they allow on their skin. As a result, hundreds of new skin care companies have formed to meet this new demand for safe, natural beauty products. Along with this growth also came a flood of natural beauty claims—creating a sort of Wild West of marketing jargon, promises, and misinformation.

So what you do is take a little of the mask, add Tumeric and Organic Lemon Juice. Stir and mask up my G!!

What we at kös do is take these many billions of hours of local experiences, and carefully blend the world’s finest forms of those ingredients to produce, in this case. OrganicMask that has the pulling power of a mule, yet gentle enough to use 3 or 4 times a week.

For instance, at kös they do not EVER test a product on animals.

At kös, this product comes wrapped in highly embossed packaging. They simplicity external packaging drove my immediate interest.

Their products come with the historic benefits of amber glass or kraft paper. Everything they utilize in producing kös organic skincare is either biodegradable or recyclable. Also this is a kick ass product for the world’s finest skincare products of both men and women.

Kos organic

As Eleni Tzimas; owner started there were three massive drivers behind this creation. However all she wanted was perfect skin and health. So the more Tzimas learned the more she realized her goal. Kos could never be achieved through synthetic chemicals. I mean certainly not the way the conglomerates were going about it. To them, it was a game of sales and marketing.

“I couldn’t understand why premium organic herbs were only being toyed with.”

Besides the product speaking for itself I can’t even begin to thank her.

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