First of all, not all hope is lost on our planet. Because there are some people who work against using non-renewable energy. There are also companies and power suppliers that are turning towards renewable energy like geothermal energy. Here’s a list of these sources gathered from an online facts collection site. Hopefully, these energy sources will help people live a healthier and greener life.

I mean the alternative sucks. A lot of times, people experience sickness when exposed to smog and other pollutants in the air. These harmful toxins come from nearby sources such as cars and factories. Some practices such as burning waste and fuel also produce these gases. When a person is exposed to these emissions, they can develop diseases such as lung cancer.

These harmful chemicals in the air are the results of nonrenewable energy. Yes folks a lot of people know the dangers of using nonrenewable energy. However some of us tend to ignore it.

Solar Energy

One of the most well-known sources of renewable energy is the sun. From the beginning of time, the sun has already been bombarding the earth with energy. People now have technology that can harness the power of the sun.

Wind power and solar are Renewable too

Solar energy has countless uses. It can make cars run, heat your entire room, and even provide power to everything inside your house. Solar energy is safe and does not produce any harmful toxins.

Burning fossil fuels produces greenhouse emissions that heat the surface of the earth. These emissions burn through the ozone, creating holes that heat the planet more. The ozone layer is a layer of the planet that deflects out the harmful rays of the sun.

Wind Energy

The wind is produced when the surface of the earth is unevenly heated by the sun. Uneven heating then produces winds that end up being the cycles. People gather energy from the wind by creating windmills. Today, a lot of people still rely on wind and mills to produce electricity. Most farms and ranches use windmills to supply energy to their farms.

Wind power is renewable energy

Hydro Power

The source of all life is also a source of renewable energy. In fact, hydroelectric power is the most common energy source. Hydroelectric power comes from moving water. Rivers who have strong currents are often good sources of hydroelectric electricity. Falls, in particular, carry a lot of energy when they drop down from a considerable height.

Geothermal Energy

This type of energy comes from the very earth itself. Geothermal energy comes from radioactive material that formed the earth. Geothermal energy is found in the crust of the earth. The heat generated from geothermal energy is hot enough to produce steam. Steam is another reliable form of energy used in steam engines.

Another example of geothermal energy at work is a hot spring. These springs have clean water and are heated by geothermal energy. The United States, the Philippines, and Indonesia are the top producers of this type of energy. Geothermal is cheap, powerful, and clean to the environment. However, only a few countries can use this energy due to its location. You can only find geothermal sites near tectonic edges in the world. These edges are also where you can also find volcanoes.


Any organic material that comes from plants and animals will rot or decay. The decay releases energy that can have a lot of applications. Biomass releases chemical energy when burned. If combustion isn’t used to produce electricity, biomass can be converted to liquid biogas.

There are a lot of biomass sources available for use. Wood waste, agricultural waste, manure, and sewage are some of the sources. Landfills, in fact, also produce methane gas. Methane is another type of biofuel that is seeing a lot of uses for today’s technology.

Methane from landfills is biomass energy


Burning fossil fuels is the most common way of producing energy today. You can see it in cars burning fuel, coal power plants, and oil refineries. It’s also the reason why global warming is affecting a lot of people today. Global warming is a real phenomenon that heats the planet. Raising the planet’s temperature could raise water levels and alter life as we know it.

We should find renewable energy sources that won’t endanger the environment. Not only are they cheap, but they’re renewable, unlike fossil fuels, which will eventually run out. We only have one planet and one place that we call home. It’s important that we take care of it for future generations to come.

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