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Trees for Kili is the campaign of the day,  There are strategies underway to make sure 50 million trees are planted in Kilimanjaro region under the ‘Trees 4 Kili’ Project.

Trees 4 Kili

As the project reports, deforestation around Mt. Kilimanjaro is really bad. I mean Tanzania has caused air temperatures to increase. All blowing up the face of the mountain and causing the glaciers on Mt. Kilimajaro to melt. Certainly at an alarming rate.

So by planting 50 Million trees for Kili, we can decrease radiant heat. All through evaporative cooling and shade.

Trees for Kili project






In addition. 90% of local people depend upon firewood for cooking. This accounts for the equivalent of over 7 million trees cut per year. That’s in the Kilimanjaro Region alone.

The long-term solution is to educate local people about how to grow and plant trees for kili. As well as the values of trees. More over how to manage multi-purpose forests that provide benefits to local people. Our reforested areas provide much more than shade and visual enhancement! They create sustainable forest products such as fruit, animal fodder, firewood, timber, and natural medicine such as Neem (Azadiractica indica).


As they add, even the local government is jumping on board to support the project. School districts are planting trees by the thousands! (see their “Tree-Schools” tab)

All because scientists believe that the glaciers on Mt. Kilimanjaro have decreased by 85% since 1917. Also may be completely gone within the next 40 years.  Please join Trees 4 Kilimanjaro or Trees for Kili campaigns. All to bring lasting change.

Most noteworthy were comments by Mr Thomas Munuo. He is a director of the Trees for Kili project. He said that the trees are to be planted during this year’s long rain season. They are meant to combat drought and possible desertification.

Additionally, Mr Munuo said that the Trees project certainly aims at reinstating the green. I mean the once famous green scenery of the region. All that is home to Africa’s highest mountain. Yes folks that are of Mount Kilimanjaro.

In addition, the director of the Trees for Kili project said already one million trees have been prepared. Therefore adding that a closer follow-up of growth of the trees will be maintained. All to ensure they do not wither.

Furthermore, Mr Munuo also said that felling of trees and failure to plant new ones has adversely affected the region. In conclusion, causing a huge decrease in ice on the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro. Finally help the rain that has substantially decreased in the region as years have unfolded.

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