Help Green Living Guy Plus MagicquoteApp Plant 10,000 Trees #MagicQuoteTrees Campaign

Thanks to MagicQuote’s Campaign to plant 10,000 trees in the #MagicQuoteTrees Campaign. I’m showing a video on my favorite way to go green and Save the Planet. So, my idea is LED lighting. They are light emitting diodes that save Energy and the environment. Win win win. Then for this video they plant a tree. Like the hashtag campaign #MagicQuoteTrees!

But seriously. This is an amazing campaign.

Just so we are clear though:

Who is MagicQuote?

MagicQuote is a mobile app platform that quickly allows users to quote, compare and shop auto insurance products from up to 35 Carriers, all in under 3 minutes.   MaqicQuote’s emphasis on giving back to the planet makes us different from any other car insurance comparison company. Auto Insurance in the U.S. is a $200 Billion industry- imagine the impact that the industry could have put even 2% of revenues towards helping the planet. That would be an extra $4 Billion annually to help solve climate change. We believe that the auto insurance industry can and should be a partner in this effort.

Their mission is awesome too. MagicQuote is proud of their commitment to protecting our shared ecosystem.   For every auto insurance policy sold on their platform, MagicQuote plants a tree on the customer’s behalf.  This is helping them offset their vehicles carbon footprint.

My Video and Solution

You see many solutions that have been undertaken by companies and households to overcome energy issues. Increasing electricity bills and huge energy consumption is the major concern that every user undergoes. Do you know a normal incandescent light bulb is actually a heater having by-product of light? Over 90% of energy is turned into heat. So, the best way is to switch over LEDs (Light-Emitting Diodes) which are 10 times more efficient that converts electricity into light.

As I’ve written before, here’s an example for savings. In the Town of Hempstead, N.Y.; the largest township in the country.  They are making the switch to LED technology with the conversion of more than 50,000 high-pressure sodium fixtures to LED street lights from Cree, Inc. The street light project delivers an anticipated two and a half-year payback with nearly $3 million in annual energy savings and $57 million in total lifetime savings.

So, here’s the deal though folks. We need to participate. Let me explain!

Help the Green Living Guy and MagicQuote reach the goal of planting 10,000 trees!  For the limited duration of this campaign (Sept. 30), MagicQuote will plant a tree when you share your eco-friendly story and tag @magicquoteapp. So, I want you all to submit a story.

Then tell all your friends to do the same. MagicQuote will plant a tree for each video submission they receive. There will also be weekly eco-friendly prize drawings.

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