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‘How Forests Heal People’ – A simple idea to show how nature affects the brain. I mean yes folks: forests heal people. And it’s important to spread some healing in a world that urgently needs it.

I mean as I’ve written before about even golf courses closing means the potential for recreation to meet with wildlife habitat. It is pretty rare because not much large open space is available for that kind of development in urban space. Those comments came from a landscape designer Nick Yoder. He was the one who examined sustainable reuse options for closed golf courses. All as a graduate student at the University of Maryland’s Department of Plant Science and Landscape Architecture. Golf courses offer a unique and valuable opportunity to protect green space from development and incorporate nature into existing developed areas.

Films for a Cause

The Company that made this film was Filmkaar Productions. They are an independent production house that creates entertaining films that are socially relevant.

Forests Heal People






In addition, their award winning work covers issues ranging from environment to women’s rights. All from children’s education to population control and much more.

So If you wish to use the power of films to address a social issue we can help you develop the communication idea and implementation strategy through low budget, high quality films.

Finally, we hope you all like this film.

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