First of all, solar-powered appliances and products are increasing in popularity. That’s because of the vast amount of benefits they have. So solar-powered appliances and products are revolutionizing energy in the best way possible. Solar-panels convert the sun’s light into energy. Thereby creating a sustainable way to provide energy. That’s so positively impacting the environment. 

Using renewable sources of energy such as solar energy doesn’t involve carbon dioxide footprint and emissions that trap heat in the atmosphere. Thus, it’s friendly not only for the environment but also for human health. Supporting renewable energy means you’re doing yourself and the environment a big favor. Many electric companies such as Dallas Energy Company and many others offer renewable energy to their consumers. If you’re interested, you can check out various plans that they offer. There could be a plan that will work out best for your needs whether for business or at home.

That’s so positively impacting the environment.

In addition to the benefits that solar panels have on the environment, they also cut down electricity bills significantly, benefiting your bank account as well. 

Companies all over the world are also taking advantage of solar energy. All by incorporating it into everyday products. Whether a company is selling solar-powered lights. Or a company is selling solar-powered watches. For they are also making a positive impact on the environment. That’s all consequently with their design choice. 

1. Solar Powered Appliances: Powering the Future

An expert from a company that designs and sells solar panels in Cherry Hill said, “Solar energy is perhaps one of the most significant technological innovations to come about. There are no downsides to solar energy. Also it can very easily be incorporated into a person’s everyday life.” He also added that he suspects more and more companies will begin to adapt solar energy appliances. Especially moreover in the near future. 

 Below are the top 5 trending energy-saving, solar-powered appliances. I mean those worth incorporating in your everyday life. 

2. Solar Window Charger

We use chargers every day of our lives. That’s whether we are charging our phones, laptops. Consequently or any other household appliance, we depend on chargers. However, and moreover chargers use a lot of electricity. Yet as a result and with solar it’s not detrimental to the environment. As well as our wallets. 

A solution? Solar-powered window chargers. These chargers simply stick to a window in order to absorb and store the sun’s energy so that your phone or device can be plugged into it later on. There are a variety of these chargers on the market right now at a fair and affordable price.  

3. Solar Wireless Keyboard

Like chargers, a majority of people use a keyboard every day; and instead of using batteries or electricity to turn them on, you can now use solar energy. Solar wireless keyboards are designed to gain a charge from not only sunlight but also artificial light. These keyboards are the same size as standard keyboards and can hold a charge for weeks at a time.

Solar wireless keyboard
By Logitech

Solar wireless keyboards are affordable and environmentally savvy because of their ability to use little energy and they will also create less waste because batteries will not have to be replaced.

4. Solar Fans

Fans are an important part of everyday life, and like most household appliances, they use large quantities of energy. Incorporating a solar fan into your home is an investment worth making. Some solar fan options on the market right now include:

a) Air conditioning systems

b) Ceiling fans

c) Stand-still fans; indoor and outdoor

5. Solar-Powered Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth speakers are something that most humans use every day. Though somewhat of a novelty, Bluetooth speakers typically use a lot of energy or require batteries to be replaced often. Purchasing a solar-powered Bluetooth speaker will benefit the environment and will also add a convenience factor to users. Because these speakers are powered by the sun, they can be taken almost anywhere, including most outdoor settings. 

Most Bluetooth speakers also feature ports to charge cell phones and other devices that use a USB, acting as a solar charger as well as a solar speaker.

6. Solar Powered Generators

Solar powered generators
Tesla Powepack system at the University of South Florida, St. Petersburg.

This is perhaps the most beneficial and crucial solar-powered home appliance to consider incorporating into your everyday life. Solar-powered generators will power laptops, phones, and most forms lighting all hours of the day, even in the event of a power outage since energy will be stored in them.

Though on the more costly side, solar-powered generators are an investment worth looking into because the benefits far outweigh the initial upfront cost.

Go Green With Your Home Appliances

Though making your home entirely eco-friendly can be challenging and expensive, a good way to begin living a more sustainable life is to start using solar-paneled appliances and products. These appliances and products are designed with the environment in mind so it will cut down on electricity use; which ultimately will save your money. Make the switch to a greener lifestyle today.

 Author: Bio: Jennifer Bell is a freelance writer, blogger, dog-enthusiast and avid beachgoer operating out of Southern New Jersey. 

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