First of all and foremost, we announced the first installation of the new Sol EverGen solar light in Colorado. Because this installation in Aurora’s Sand Creek Park is part of a larger trend. A larger trend more importantly of solar technology. One more importantly becoming a practical, sustainable solution. Similarly one that challenges the things as they are in outdoor municipal lighting.

So the Top 5 reasons municipalities and developers are installing solar lighting!

  1. Grid connection prohibitively expensive and/or far away

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2 Sustainability mandates and initiatives

  1. Municipalization or ownership of power generation
  2. Replacement of aging infrastructure

  3. Cost of solar = cost of on-grid lighting

The latest technology advancements in solar commercial lighting. All therefore give an opportunity for solar. One to be used for a greater share of projects. So potential topics can include:

a) How the new EverGen gives cities a no-compromise solar lighting solution.

b) How manufacturers can build a commercial solar light. All with warmer LEDs. Therefore they are better for the health of humans and animals.

And most importantly it’s built to last.

In conclusion, the proof of viability can be seen in projects like the 71 Sol park lights. Those installed beginning in 2007 in Wray, Colorado. All solar lighting a multi-use pathway along the Republican River. Today, these lights still use with minimal maintenance. Finally and can we say in 10 years, only ONE battery replacement. That’s all requiring needed fixing..

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