% Green Living Guru%Electric Care Expert Image info: Photographer: Joshua Lott/Bloomberg, A worker installs photovoltaic solar panels in Arizona, U.S.

By Christopher Martin

So First Solar Inc. (FSLR) is the largest U.S. solar-panel maker. They are boosting its efforts to install systems at industrial sites. Furthermore, warehouses as utilities demand for smaller solar farms.

Pursuing smaller projects and customer-sited systems may increase sales as much as 36 percent. That’s expected over the next three years. This comes from Chief Executive Officer Jim Hughes.

The company got 65 percent of its 2013 sales from selling large solar farms to utilities. That’s a market that’s slowing in the U.S. as power companies meet state requirements. Also, you then don’t need to buy more solar energy. Consequently, Hughes is seeking deals in other regions including Saudi Arabia, India and South America. Finally expecting higher demand in the U.S. from commercial and industrial rooftops.

As I have written before:

Solar panels are one of the best ways homeowners can make a big impact in reducing their carbon footprint. That’s as well as saving energy. Yes, again by installing solar panels on their roofs.

Usually people are more confident than ever that solar can compete for rooftops. In conclusion, it looks like First Solar can are seeing biggest growth segments.

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