Technological advancements have no bounds. With things such as smart locks that open the door when you arrive home, smart cars that will soon make the road safer to drive on, and the Internet of Things to make using devices more efficient. So it’s clear that green energy technology for convenience is here to stay.

What about using technology for green living and sustainable lifestyles? Fortunately, the AI for Energy movement is making more tech available in that category too. So researchers are coming out. I mean with even more cutting-edge renewable energy inventions every day. All to help you save money, maximize energy efficiency, and be kinder to the planet.

The following five AI-based tips can help you as you begin making sustainability and green energy a larger part of your day to-day life.

Green ideas

1. Install Solar Panels

Solar panels are one of the best technology developments for energy, especially because AI can help people improve the way they consume electricity. Installing this renewable resource can produce millions of kilowatts of electricity and save you up to $60,000 in energy bills over a twenty-year span.

Solar power

In addition and since the price of installing solar panels continues to drop9% between 2016 and 2017. Folks, it’s more affordable than ever for individuals to go green with solar. Plus, today’s solar customers can purchase, lease, or finance panels. That’s right, so you can opt into solar within your means. From installing panels on your roof or portable solar panels in your yard. Furthermore, you have many solar solutions available to enjoy greener living.

2. Change Utility Providers

If you don’t have the space or budget to go solar, don’t fret. That’s because you can still be part of the sustainable energy movement. Consider switching to a utility provider that offers green energy plans and great consumer benefits. For example, companies such as Amigo Energy offer customers the ability to purchase renewable energy credits from wind and solar sources. With this solution, you can offset your normal energy consumption by 100%.

Other companies, including Lumator, aren’t dedicated to green energy specifically, but they can save you some cash by brokering your monthly energy supply for you. Lumator uses an AI software that switches customers to cheaper utility providers by the minute to save them $10 to $30 per month in utility bills.

As time goes by, AI technology will only get smarter and allow you to live more sustainably.

3. Install a Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats are the ultimate technology when it comes to monitoring your energy usage and making you more efficient. Nest’s Learning Thermostat is one of the best. This device gives users an average of 10% to 15% in energy savings per year. These devices offer such high savings because they use Wi-Fi to program their settings based on weather, turn on fans whenever they can to save on energy, and adjust heating and cooling depending on if you’re home or away.

4. Swap Bulbs for Smart Lights

Americans demand a ton of energy on lighting alone, and so does the world. In fact, the average American household used 129 billion kilowatts of energy last year on lights — 10% of all residential energy consumption.

Besides installing LED lighting and energy efficient bulbs, you can purchase smart lights, like the Philips Hue White Starter Kit E26, to reduce your energy use. This particular smart light gives you insights into your energy usage, can be shut on and off through an AI-enabled app, and earns you an average of $60 on energy per bulb over the course of its lifetime.

5. Reduce Phantom Energy

Smart plugs help people live green lifestyles, too; these handy devices monitor and control everything you plug into the wall. Why does this matter? Because phantom energy is a real thing. Even when appliances and electronics are off, they still draw power when they’re left plugged in to the outlet.

For instance, a desktop computer draws 2.4 watts per hour — or 1,728 watts per month — when idle. Based on the cost of electricity, that idleness can cost you in the long run. To shut off this frivolous power demand, use smart plugs, like Voion, that allow you to track energy use, control electronics from an app, and more. This device connects to virtual assistants including Alexa and Google Assistant, and it particularly comes in handy if you get to work and remember you forgot to shut off an appliance.

If you want to live a greener lifestyle, AI technology is making this sustainability easier than ever. Keep your eyes to the news for the latest breakthroughs so you can use the best tech items available. In the meantime, try some of the devices above to start taking control of your home’s energy use.

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