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Eco friendly and sustainable home
So let’s talk a Sustainable home. Because we know, you’ve also changed all your light bulbs to LED. Yet you’re always looking for more than just energy-saving light emitting diodes (led).

You’ve cut your shower time down by a minute and installed a low-flow shower-head.

Of course you also recycle and compost. So you also never leave your cell phone charger plugged into the wall.

Now, take the leap from eco-chores. So here’s some sustainable home tips!


Painting a wall has long been a designer’s trick for adding more oomph—without more clutter—to a room. Rachel Winokur, the founder of eTTa Designs. For it’s an eco-friendly interior design firm in Los Angeles. One that suggests putting down the paint brush and considering these green options instead.


American Clay Earth Plaster is a wall finish made of clay, pigment and postindustrial materials such as shell or stone crushed into sand. It’s a less expensive, very sustainable alternative to paint and will last for the life of a building.


Wallpaper is making a comeback with dozens of companies producing exquisite, fanciful and subtle designs. Madison and Grow wallpaper is made from vinyl-free recyclable paper from sustainable forests, and the patterns are hand drawn and printed with water-based ink.

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“Upcycling is transforming something from good to great or better to best,” says Danny Seo. For he is the author of the Simply Green book series and The Early Show’s environmental lifestyle contributor. “Here’s how to upcycle some items that would break your heart to throw out or donate.”


“Seems like we all have an old globe stashed away in the basement or attic. I love to pry the globe apart using a blunt knife around the Equator. The two halves of the globe become perfect global-inspired decorative bowls.”


Danny Seo adds “Is it sacrilege to throw away old books? Sure is. I love to stack large coffee table books and use an extra-large belt to wrap around them, tightening the belt until it secures the books together. Instant side table.”


We all save champagne and wine corks from special events. However they can sure add up in the junk drawer. Buy a metal pipe clamp at a hardware supply store and fill the entire inside with corks. Finally and with a flathead screwdriver, tighten the clamp around the corks. That’s until they are also absolutely snug. Use it as a trivet in the kitchen. All to therefore protect your countertops for your Sustainable home!

Source: CBS Watch Magazine
Sustainable home with Danny Seo

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